2020 Modelling Trends

In the diverse world of modelling, Models Direct has seen a lot of on-trend themes popping up over the course of this year. 2020 has been no exception to this particularly unusual year, but that hasn’t stopped the industry from thriving, switching up and staying strong.

We have seen a range of exciting trends surface this year and it looks like most are set to stay – just like our models and clients who are being added to our modelling family and those who are already on our books. So, let’s take you on a round-up of what’s been popular within our industry to keep you up to date and in the loop.  

Plus-size modelling 

We have come into another year where the plus-size modelling category has been going from strength to strength. With the likes of Tess Holliday, Miranda Walz and Denise Bidot already securing their position in this sector as celebrities and influencers, the plus-size industry has become a more recognised category. Now with the plus-size market estimated to be worth £6.6bn and forecast to be worth £7.9bn this year, there are lots of retailers out there, both specialists and generalists, that have tapped into this booming market. Companies which have a large plus-size exposure such as Evans, Yours, Next and ASOS mean the need for plus-size models has increased accordingly. 

Diversity and inclusion 

You have probably heard a lot about diversity and inclusion, and Models Direct will give you the lowdown on how we have seen trends being set to cater for these all-important areas.  

Diversity is all about respecting and valuing what makes us all different in regards to age, gender, disability, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, education and national origin. The modelling industry has certainly kept up and implemented diversity as a fair representation of the population, embracing people’s differences, what makes them unique and special. Models Direct have a plethora of models who are diverse and who are regularly called for by major brands. 

Inclusion is where individuals or groups who have different backgrounds are socially accepted, welcomed and equally treated. Even though the differences could be visible, such as age, race, gender, religion and so on, the individuals are appreciated and included, and this is where Models Direct are very aware of the importance of including everyone so that they can become a model. Through this positive attitude and outlook, the population can be honestly represented where everyone feels an important part of the industry. 

Family Modelling 

We have seen a surge in family modelling become more of a popular trend, particularly due to the pandemic that has unexpectedly hit us this year. With the restrictions that have been put in place, social bubbles have enabled real families to continue modelling with members of the same team as opposed to individuals being selected and placed as part of a replica family. 


Pets continue to be in high demand in the modelling world and 2020 has been no exception with our furry friends modelling for big name brands across the UK and even starring on the front cover of the John Lewis Home magazine this Christmas.

The Round-Up 

Models Direct have sieved through the latest trends having looked at what has been popular this past year in the modelling industry. Our existing models and newcomers can equally benefit from the new trends that are becoming more solid. This will increase the number of assignments and the chance of our models showcasing their talent. Now, who wouldn’t want that?!