A Beginner’s Guide to Promotional Modelling

If you’re reading this blog, you might be wondering what it’s like to become a model. The modelling industry is progressively adapting to the needs of the population, and there is one category that is particularly standing out – promotional modelling. Let’s take you through some interesting points you might want to know which we, Models Direct, have plenty to fill you in on.

Promotional modelling is an exciting opportunity to be a real-life model who helps promote and market a brand or company. It isn’t limited to still life modelling or creating on the spot poses for fashion modelling and photographic work. You don’t need to be super slim or skyscraping tall for those of you thinking that this might be the same as being a catwalk model. Most of our clients are looking for people who represent the population fairly, who their customers can relate to and build a deeper connection with.  

As a promotional model, you’ll be all hands on deck being part of the hustle and bustle of exciting opportunities. Promotional work could range from handing out chocolate hearts for Cadbury’s on Valentines Day to bespoke product launches. Promotional models are regularly needed to promote businesses. The opportunities are limitless where clients are always on the lookout for a promotional model who fits the bill, working in harmony with the branding message and customers.  

If you are new to the scene and not sure if you have what it takes (although we’re sure you do), we thought it would be helpful to compile a shortlist of the all-important characteristics clients look for in promotional models. Let’s explore more right here:

Sign up with our reputable modelling agency, Models Direct. This is so important as you’ll want a company to take care of you, your data and most of all, putting your look forward whenever it is called for. It’s easy peasy to apply to us – we’re not kidding…all you have to do is fill in your details and send a couple of images of yourself on our online application form and we’ll sort out the rest for you.

Have a positive attitude. Clients don’t want to be dealing with negative vibes where a model lacks in vibrancy so, ooze the positivity and zest for life and show clients that you are the perfect model for the job. Remember, customers connect better to a welcoming and friendly spirit ready to make a difference – you don’t want to put them off and wish they’d never met you.  

Rehearse your script to a tee. Clients will want you to promote their products or services in an effective manner which draws customers in. This is where your sales pitch may prove to be a handy asset. If clients request that you remember lines or a script for your assignment, then take the time to do so. Don’t skim or overlook anything they specifically request from you. After all, they are marketing their brand and need you to help propel interest and spark sales.    

Stay professional at all times. Clients will be keeping a close eye on how you’re getting on from start to finish, so it’s essential to stay professional and mean business – promotional work is work. This means you’ll treat it just the same as any other paid work. No late arrivals on the day (unless of course there is an emergency where you will need to inform our team and the company if you have their details), wandering off when on the job, or checking in on your phone. Your professionalism is crucial as if it isn’t up to scratch, this could cost you future assignments and recommendations. 


Our lovely promotional models, Trinity and Janay, spent ten days at the Southampton Boat Show and helped the Ocean Brothers raise awareness about their inspiring challenge to row the Atlantic to raise money for Skin Cancer Awareness. They had a fabulous time and really lifted the campaign with their get-up-and-go attitudes.

Enjoy the flexibility of being a promotional model and of course, being paid for it. You’ll get to network with people too which will help increase your exposure as a model, and to be honest, who wouldn’t want that?

Modelling really isn’t as constrictive as we might think. Promotional modelling can open doors to other types of future modelling work and is a great way to get your modelling career rolling should this be your starting point. Get in touch with our team today if this tickles your fancy.