Why have an agent – when you can promote yourself?

In various areas of work people often question the need for an agent and modelling is no exception!

However, agents can perform vital roles, not only in terms of finding work for you but also in shouldering the weight of responsibility and ensuring your best interests.

Before you sign up with a modelling agency, however, do ensure you research the organisation thoroughly to make sure they really are an agent.

Models Direct is fully vetted, accredited and registered as an employment agency and as such has to conform to certain high standards and to seek work for you. The internet is awash with individuals and organisations claiming to be agencies but sadly very many are not.

Not only are these people not thoroughly checked and government regulated but they also don’t actively look for work for you, they simply post your photos on showcase websites, if they even do anything at all.

Joining a genuine modelling agency, however, rather than trying to promote yourself, brings with it numerous benefits.

Here are just a few:

1. We have the contacts

We have a long list of clients ranging from major high street and international brands to UK-wide companies, smaller organisations and local operations. We are in constant contact with them, and they come to us regularly with their requests for models.

2. We have the experience

We know how to source work for our models and then to manage and oversee each assignment effectively and efficiently for all concerned because we have been doing it for so long.

3. We find the work

We are successful at what we do. Our business has been run for decades on finding work for models – and we do it day in, day out. A constant stream of assignments comes through our office and we are experienced at knowing just how to put the best models forward for each and every job.

4. We ensure your best interests

We check each and every assignment out thoroughly and oversee it from start to finish to ensure your safety and wellbeing. We make sure you have a full understanding of the booking and all its requirements and that you are happy to take it on. Your point of contact will then be there for you, available on the end of a phone, until the end of the booking and beyond, ready to deal with any problems.

5. We negotiate on your behalf

Not only do we find work for our models, but we are also highly experienced at negotiating the best possible fee for them. Again, this is because we are highly experienced and have an understanding of what a model should be paid for a particular job.

6. We ensure you are paid promptly

Like others, we have heard horror stories about models not being paid for work. Our system ensures clients pay for models in advance, meaning we can then release fees to our models within days of each assignment being completed.

Our job as an agent is to be there for you. 

But, we encourage our models to promote themselves too and to look out for any opportunities.

We then urge them to discuss these with us so we can continue to represent them and ensure their best interests.

For more information about us and the way we work visit www.modelsdirect.com and find out how our current models have found working with us.