Family photographs from your Summer holidays

Of all the available types of commercial modelling, family modelling is arguably one of the most enjoyable. We have plenty of clients looking for happy families to help their advertising campaigns, and there’s absolutely no reason why your family couldn’t be the next group success. Families have been in high demand for years, and the need for them shows no sign of slowing down.

Families are essential for a lot of our clients. There are brands and products specifically marketed towards families, so an individual model just isn’t as effective as parents and their children. Think holiday operators, restaurants, high street shops, beauty, insurance… if you’re an ambitious family who’ll look good in photo shoots, please get in touch!

Now is the perfect time to seriously think about joining our extensive list of models in a family capacity. Summer holidays provide the chance to achieve the best family photos; we’re sure you get along together even at the worst of times, but summer is the season when all families should be enjoying their free time in a relaxing environment. And if the weather is gorgeous, that’s a bonus!

Social bubbles are easily formed as a family, so these challenging times have given families more time to interact and learn as a whole – who knows, you may have even put your heads together and discussed becoming a modelling family. That’s the first step. The second is to take a more in-depth look at family modelling, and to put your aspirations into action! Have a peek at the link below for some inside information:

Family modelling is rarely a full-time career, but that shouldn’t be an obstacle. The following points should put families at ease and whet their appetites for modelling work:

1. Families don’t need any prior experience – phew!

2. We don’t ask for professional photos to accompany your online application at Models Direct.

3. Photos can be taken on smartphones, but they must be clear.

4. Two photos are ideal – one of a collective headshot, and the other a little farther away.

5. Be relaxed, but don’t be tempted with any unnatural poses.

6. Avoid heavy make-up, excessive jewellery and hats / scarves etc.

7. Pay attention to the lighting when taking photos.

So get snapping and put together an inspired portfolio – your access to the family modelling world could be sooner than you think.

Family modelling is a wonderful activity to get involved in because all family members are equally important. There isn’t a pecking order and our clients appreciate the value of families that “gel” – coming across on camera as relaxed and content.

Let’s highlight some assignments that our families have excelled in – if these don’t get the family modelling juices flowing, nothing will!

  • The Semedo family got their teeth stuck into an assignment last year for Holland’s Pies. Why was a family required? Well, the pie in question was Holland’s Family Pie, so a happy family was absolutely essential to market the mouth-watering dish. Plus, they may have even got a free meal with their well-deserved modelling family fee!
  • Does a four-day family modelling assignment in the South of France sound too good to be true? Not in the case of the Golding family, who were chosen to film a commercial for Oliver’s Travels. The company specialises in luxury villas in the UK, Europe and farther afield, and required an adventurous family to increase their brand awareness to holiday-loving families. Job done!
  • The Friend family have been on a roll, having accepted seven assignments and amassing over £6,000 in modelling fees. Perhaps they’ve thought about staying at one of Oliver’s Travel’s villas with their earnings? They’ve enjoyed meals, accommodation and working with professional photographers. Family modelling – what’s not to like?

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