Easter – what does it mean to you?

Like a lot of religious celebrations, Easter means different things to different people. It may mean absolutely nothing to plenty of you – other than a nice prolonged weekend in spring. The main factor in the significance of religious dates is whether that person is actually religious; if they’re not, then they won’t represent any significance other than bank holidays.

Sounds cynical? Not really. If we believe the England & Wales censuses to be accurate (if not, what’s their point?!), the second most common response to the religion question was “No Religion”. There was a 13% decrease in people answering “Christian” in the 2021 census from the last decade. What can we take from this? It’s not an attack on religion – just statistics. After all, Easter is a Christian festival, so it should only be strictly observed by Christians, or anyone who identifies themselves as Christians.

Easter Sunday this year is on 9th April. It celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion. Good Friday (the Friday immediately before Easter Sunday) commemorates the crucifixion itself. For non-Christians, Easter can mean the middle of spring, where we celebrate a “rebirth” of a different kind: a change in climate, and the joyful anticipation of a long summer.

Children love Easter for one word: chocolate! It’s an exceptionally busy time for major retailers, who advertise their yummy treats weeks in advance of Easter Sunday. Throughout the years, we’ve been approached by supermarkets and other businesses who need compliant and loving parent-and-children combos to star in Easter-related campaigns. So often it’s “real” people that particularly resonates with customers, and retailers are aware of this. This is one of the reasons why Models Direct is so successful and has built solid relationships over the years with our growing list of clients.

The origins of Easter eggs are sketchy at best, but it won’t concern youngsters as they try to ration their foil-wrapped oval choccies before lunch (an annual chore for parents all across the land!). For the very young, visions of Easter bunnies bearing gifts can be as enthralling as Santa riding his reindeer-drawn sleigh. The young are very impressionable (would we have it any other way?), so whatever feeds their pure innocence can’t be a bad thing, right?

Perhaps the essential meaning of Easter is family. Yes, it’s a bank holiday, and yes, it might not mean anything spiritual to millions of people, but at the heart of it is a togetherness associated with happy relatives. Modelling families aren’t just needed over public holidays, of course, so this year could the time for your family to think about modelling as a group. It’s fun, and it can be quite lucrative! Here’s how you can apply with us:

Easter is a chance to put the winter months behind you, and to start thinking about what the summer may bring. Just try to burn off the excess chocolatey calories, otherwise you might find fitting into your trunks and bikinis a stretch – literally!