Family Modelling – Why Different Is Good

No family is ever quite the same as another and that is why modelling agencies seek all sorts of different families for assignments.

In recent years, the decline of marriage, increase in blended families and rise in working mothers has resulted in families being far more diverse than they ever were before.

The fashion industry and those in the modelling business are increasingly eager to reflect this and therefore urge families of all shapes and from all backgrounds to put themselves forward.

Today, families in Britain might not only come from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds, but they might be multi-national, multi-cultural and mixed race within the family itself.

Individual parents might come from different countries or religious backgrounds and they might be bringing their children up in yet another country or culture.

There are more single parent families; families with two mums or two dads; blended families with step-children and step-parents; families with children being raised by grandparents.

Whatever the make-up of your family, together you could be ideal for modelling work, as long as you have the other qualities required.

So, why not ask yourselves:

  • Are we confident, friendly and outgoing?
  • Can we work together as a team?
  • Are we generally quite smiley and well presented?Are we hardworking, diligent and reliable?
  • Do we have the time to take on assignments?
  • Would we be able to travel to assignments?
  • Do we want to perhaps earn a little more towards family treats?
  • Would we like to have fun together as a family?

If you think you fit the bill and would like to take on family modelling work, then contact a modelling agency to find out more.

You might find you just wish to take on the odd job every now and then – or you might find it becomes a regular family pastime. Either way, it could be something you and your truly unique family really end up enjoying.