Celebrating You For Being You

Every day should be about celebrating YOU – your uniqueness, your characteristics, your qualities, who you are! And the best thing about being you is that there is absolutely no one else on this planet who is like you! 

Now, we know that this is easier said than done. You probably never put yourself first or at the top of your to-do list. We know – perhaps you don’t have the time or the capacity to do this. But pause. Pause for this moment as you are reading our Models Direct blog please, dear reader. 

Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever background you come from, where you have been and where you are going to, please push all these things aside. It might not come naturally to you to celebrate you, which is why we want to share some ways you can practise to honour the special person you are – imperfections included! Hey, none of us are perfect, as much as we might wish to be, but we can certainly learn to appreciate our diversity and turn those flaws we might think we have into electrifying enlightenment inside and out. This year, 2021, is the year of YOU!

How to Celebrate You:

1. Accept the person you are

The first step when celebrating yourself is to accept the person you are inside and out. Hands up to anyone who feels that they can do this. If you accept who you are, you can truly celebrate yourself without being judgemental and negative about your qualities. Don’t be so hard on yourself; push your inner critic to the side. Happiness will shine through and you can begin your journey of valuing yourself once you let go and remove any opinions that could hold you back from moving forward. 

2. Quit the comparisons

This point is something we may all fall prey to from time to time but comparing ourselves to others can be harmful to our wellbeing, mentally and physically. With the rise of social media, we may be finding ourselves more prone to the nuisance habit of comparing our bodies, our looks, our lives, our abilities and capabilities to those we see online. If not online then offline, we might be locked in a vicious cycle of comparing ourselves to friends, family and strangers and filling our world with painful impressions of ourselves. 

Our advice: step back and reflect. Look at who you are and what you bring to your life and that of others. What are your own strengths and what do YOU offer? We can all be leaders of inspiration, by saying something profound, writing something meaningful or through random acts of kindness.

3. Practice self-love every day (without fail!)

Self-love is not about being vain or having an ego. On the contrary, it is about self-respect and embracing the person you are. How can you celebrate YOU if you don’t love yourself? How can you expect other people to celebrate you if you don’t value yourself? Take some time out, even if it is 5 minutes, to dedicate time just for yourself – whether it is to unwind to some fav tracks or have a soak in the tub, whatever makes you feel warm and happy. Go for it and keep it up!

4. Believe in yourself

Having self-belief in your abilities is a really important factor to consider when celebrating yourself. If you don’t have self-belief it won’t matter what anyone else says or thinks, no matter how much they are routing for you. It has to come from within so start believing in yourself and that you CAN do. You can – be true to yourself and celebrate the wonderful and amazing human you are.