Could my dog be a model?

We love our furry friends, don’t we?

Our Models Direct dream team love seeing them featured in campaigns with our top tier clients. They make our hearts melt, living with us side by side through the ups and downs. They’re a part of many family homes (to be exact!). Without their companionship, life just wouldn’t be the same. Whether it’s the cute barks that welcome us in the hallway or their intuitive sonar radar that lifts us when we’re feeling down, man’s best friend can make a home feel complete.

And this super soft spot we have for them works wonders when it comes to brands and companies marketing those adorable canines. They’re a powerful tool that draws us in, keeps us hooked and makes us remember! It’s very smart and influential but that’s the power of good marketing.

Now, let’s see which recent examples we can walk you through that have used canines to leverage a brand and get noticed on a grand scale.

1. Good Boy’s first TV ad campaign

The UK’s number 1 dog treat brand launched its first-ever campaign for TV last October. They’re currently being enjoyed by 2 million UK households so the company felt it was time to take their reach to another level. The ad shows a humorous side capturing super slow motion shots of pups attempting to catch Good Boy treats. Can you imagine how cute that is? You may have seen advertising pop up on your Facebook page or YouTube, but in case you missed it, don’t worry, it’s available on YT.

2. Pure Pet Food TV ad

Another ad that hit the screens a couple of years back is from tailor-made meals company Pure Pet Food. This UK brand offers pet-parents vet-approved healthy meal options and actively eliminates any added baddies so that pups conveniently receive lots of locked-in goodness delivered to your door. The ad is super cute with a cute, cuddly-looking dog being the centre of attention. If you’ve not seen it yet, there’s YT to fill you in!

3. Freshpet UK Commercial

Another recent ad we’ve seen is Freshpet’s food commercial. They featured lots of breeds looking sad, slumped across a sofa or table, needing cheering up. Then suddenly a bowl of deliciousness comes their way and everything turns around. The American brand sells their healthy meals here so pet owners don’t miss out. Missed this ad? We think you know where to head to see it again!

Canines aren’t limited to dog food ads, they’re also featured in non-dog related ads such as the motoring industry – KIA and Nissan have had print ads feature gorgeous pups.

So, when you ask yourself could my dog be a dog model? Our team will respond, “yes, why not?” Your dog needs to be open and responsive, used to loud noises and busy, new environments. That’s a lot to ask for, we know! Our modelling assignments are set in different locations with different teams. These variables differ with each campaign so your canine needs to be used to change. They also need to be happy, content and comfortable within themselves when this happens, in particular when the camera starts rolling.

If your dog has got what it takes then get your paws stuck into our online modelling application form (because we want it to be an easy peasy process), and let us get to know them and you.

We’re looking forward to seeing your pooch this year! Love, MD x