“All of the crew and Tony Robinson just loved him!”

“I’ve had lots of feed back from the filming and we can’t wait to get some more work, Hugo loves being in the limelight. Thanks to Models Direct for giving us this opportunity to show off the lovely Mastiff breed to what they’re all about, The Gentle Giant!” – Ronnie Miller (Hugo’s owner)

Hugo is such a beautifully natured dog and truly is the The Gentle Giant his owner Ronnie Miller explains him as – the Models Direct team were delighted Hugo was selected to star alongside Tony Robinson on the latest episode of Britain’s Ancient Tracks on Saturday night on Channel 4.

Models Direct represent a variety of pets for the entertainment industry, animals are used in advertising and TV all the time, however for an owner it can be very nerve wracking taking your pet on set to work with professionals, but Ronnie took it in her stride and was amazing with Hugo! Congratulations Hugo!

The feedback the team at Models Direct received from Channel 4 was fantastic and the team and crew, including Tony all fell in love with Hugo!