Could My Dog Get Into Modelling With Models Direct?

A question we are asked at Models Direct agency HQ several times a day. We’ve all seen pets being used more and more for advertisements and product packaging. So here are some of the questions Models Direct ask to pet owners applying for their dog to be registered for pet modelling with us.

Working with Dogs can be challenging and therefore a dog who is obedient and well behaved is important. Consider what their recall is like, how they interact with strangers, young people and new environments. Being on a photo shoot would be in an unfamiliar setting and whilst the assignment crew would go to extraordinarily lengths to make sure the dog model felt relaxed and at ease, there would be a level of expectation that your pet model could through you, take instruction.
As an example, here are 2 of our Dog models, Billy and Monazal who were selected for a Pets at Home Photoshoot to model Boot and Rear Seat Covers for Dogs. You can see they are alert, their coat is in good condition and their eyes are sparkly.
You can also see the end result from photo to advertisement.
So if you are thinking that your dog could do this, why visit the Models Direct website