How does a model get chosen for work?

One of the questions our team at Models Direct is asked most frequently is how do models get chosen for work?

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The answer is simple – there are three stages to the process:

1 You put yourself forward for the opportunity to work by joining us.

2 We put together a selection of our models who meet the requirement of the client.

3 The client makes their own choice from that selection of models.

So how does this work?

1 Well, if you have spent time reading our website, including the reviews; following us on social media and browsing through our blogs, and feel you have what it takes to become a model, you fill in an on-line application form and send us a photo. You will then be contacted by one of our team members who will then take you through the process and explain in much more detail how we work.

2 If, after everything has been explained, you still wish to join us then we will ask you to complete an e-portfolio, uploading more information and images. When our client comes to us with a specific request for a model (or models) – or our team sources a particular job requiring models of a certain type – we look through these e-portfolios. We then draw up a shortlist of suitable models, check the models are available and would like the work, then pass the relevant e-portfolios to our client.

3 The client then takes their time going through our selection before making the final choice as to who they would like for the assignment. Our team member then contacts the chosen models to make sure they are still happy to accept and gives them all the details of the job.

It is a simple process, which ensures the client has the final say.

This is why we always stress to our models that there is no guarantee of work by joining Models Direct.

But if you want to be up there for consideration, then you need to send in the form, ensure your e-portfolio is kept up to date and be ready to respond when we make contact.