The Realities of Infant Modelling for Parents

Shining a spotlight on baby and child modelling with our number 1 modelling agency; Models Direct.

Parents and guardians of children who are models know that the modelling industry is a bustling one, full of new experiences and opportunities to grow, nurture and excel. Modelling is an excellent platform that children can step onto and reach for the stars. There they can build their modelling career from a young age, meaning they’ll work on many projects, socialising and networking with many professionals, businesses and organisations. They’ll be associated with brands, whether they are big or small, and take key skills they’ve learnt from their experiences into their adult life.

Babies, infants and juniors are requested as models to help market and advertise different products and services across all industries. It isn’t always necessary for this age group to front baby and child-related products only. Clever brainstorming and planning in the magical world of marketing have bought us the best ads we’ve ever seen with children. Think of the classic Yellow Pages advert based around Christmas time where a young boy reaches to meet a girl for a kiss under a mistletoe. Or more recently, the ever so cute Evian baby commercials!

Marketing is powerful and memorable, where sometimes you’d never think to place two things together, but they manage to work incredibly well – like babies and children teamed up with big brands such as Sony, Mercedes Benz and British Gas.

What does a parent’s modelling world look like? 

If you’re set to sign up your baby or junior as a model, you might be wondering what life will be like where the lights, camera, action are at. Expect the following:

Keeping an up-to-date portfolio of your baby/child’s images ready for clients to view.

New demands for each assignment. No two days will be the same. Every assignment will bring something new to the table.

Travelling, meeting new people, forming friendships, networking with professionals and socialising (whilst following the social distancing guidelines, of course!)

Earning money for you and your child’s time.

Preparing a baby bag packed with healthy refreshments, toiletries, spare clothes and toys.

Your child may be called for a photoshoot – a common type of assignment our models get booked in for. Parents and guardians usually need to be assignment-ready by walking through the schedule with one of our representatives. They’ll explain everything to a tee from start to finish.

Parents will need to ensure that they’re punctual, understand that schedules may be overrun (to which they’ll be paid for their time) and be in good health as it’ll get busy and demanding!

The bottom line 

If you’re new to this world, fear not! Our expert team is on board to always offer help, advice and support. If you want to connect with other parents or guardians of junior models, head on over to our Facebook page to get all the latest scoop on our newest assignments, go through our archive section and read through the positive appraisals that have been left by our models or their parents.