What Sort of Pictures Would You Like to See of My Pet?

Our pets fill our hearts and homes with comfort, love and companionship. Pets are intelligent, curious, loving, intuitive, and a joy to have. They also feature in millions of marketing campaigns making them an instant hit. If your feline friend, precious pup, happy hammie (I love calling my hamster that!) or feathery budgie (or any other species) is a pet model, you’ll know that part of the modelling package is for you to take regular pictures to attract attention and create a traffic jam when viewers land on their portfolio.

So, what sort of pictures would a modelling agency like to see of your pet model? Models Direct will reveal some pet photo suggestions right here. Enjoy the read!

Clear headshots

Excellent close-up shots of your lovely pet’s features and expressions are a great way to kick-start creating images any pet modelling agency would love to see. It’s obvious but sometimes we overcomplicate a simple situation and overlook the simplicities that are actually worth it! So catch your pet close up because our team would love to see them so that we can spearhead the modelling process and get your pet booked for work.

Playful moments

When your pet is in the mood for playtime, that’s another great opportunity to seize the moment and build a stunning compilation of images. Pick the best of the bunch, upload it on their ePortfolio and we’ll do the rest. Game ideas include teaching them to mimic you (this one’s for you bird owners), playing fetch, jumping in a ball pit (we wouldn’t mind doing that either!), mazes and obstacle courses or digging for buried treasure (food, not gold although that would be interesting!). There’s a lot you can do with your pet no matter their size. Think creatively and get posting.

Going on an adventure

Whether this is a trip to your garden, front porch, park, forest, beach, or shopping – whatever may await – your pet’s landscape can be frozen in time and pulled into the digital world. Clear action shots, without camera shake, are preferred by agencies so that your pet’s images are visible. Agencies and clients want to see exactly what your pet looks like so they can get a clear idea as to whether yours is the animal they’re looking to book for a marketing campaign. Say bye-bye to distorted images!

The round-up

Modelling agencies and clients want to see your pet close up, playing, exploring, developing and immersed in interesting scenarios. Any image that shows your pet’s true self would be appreciated to build a collection of their features, expressions and personality. Clients love seeing these characteristics to give them a holistic perspective on your pet’s abilities and capabilities.

Models Direct has designed this reading to help you get an idea about pet photos. If you’re looking to talk to a human instead, please get in touch with our team. Our communication reaches beyond social media and blogs. We’re real people working behind the scenes at our Norwich HQ. Reach out to us anytime.