“After all, it’s the world at large they’re aiming at, people like you!”

Recently there’s been some interesting articles in the media about modelling, what it takes to be a model and the expectations of models today in what is an incredibly competitive, driven and controversial industry….. with 28yrs experience Models Direct are now having their say!

There are lots of differences between fashion modelling and commercial modelling, however there are many similarities too. Trends and fashions come and go and this is the same for the type of models clients and designers are looking to book too. Clients will be looking for models who have the appropriate look, shape or character to portray their product/service in the most productive and effective way and appeal to their consumer. A model is someone the consumer aspires to be, so therefore great consideration is taken by a client when booking models for their latest campaign.

Models Direct has been successfully representing models and talent in the modelling world for 28 years, so the team here have witnessed many of these trends and have an excellent eye for models who will be suitable for our clients. Unlike high fashion model agencies, Models Direct represent a variety of different types of models to suit a diverse selection of assignments, on the books we have curve models, maternity models, fitness models, baby and child models, teen models, mature models and of course male and female models, many of them having other useful talents including singers, actors, dancers, voice overs and musicians.


Models Direct’s CEO Damian O’Connor comments: “For twenty eight years we have provided the media and advertising industries with models of all looks and ages. We are busier than ever in meeting demands for new faces. As a Government Approved Employment Agency for modelling, we get the top fees, verify clients and manage assignments. We’re a one stop shop for clients for whoever they want, wherever they want them. Recent examples are seen on www.modelsdirect/reviews. Summer is here and the time for photos. Professional photo shots are not essential. We are always on the look out and happy to consider applications. Think about it. Our clients want to feature all looks in promoting their products and services. After all, it’s the world at large they’re aiming at, people like you !”

It’s all about finding the right person for the job and as model scouts know, when you have been in this industry for many years you get to know what you’re looking for!

John Horner, Model 1’s CEO was recently quoted in an article on the BBC saying; 

“It takes about three years for a youngster to basically be ready to do proper modelling. It’s not something you immediately take to – you learn to do the job.”

Horner breaks down some of the requirements:

  • “You’ve got to be confident,” he says first and foremost.
  • “You’ve got to learn to cope with rejection, because they’re rejected from more jobs than they’ll accept.
  • “If you’re a catwalk model, you’ve got to learn how to walk.
  • “You’ve got to learn how to perform in front of a camera.
  • “And – you’ve got to build your book, your portfolio, and build it to the look that we want you to portray as a model.”
(An article from the BBC by 

These points are so true and often model expectations can be so very different, it’s one thing being represented by an agency, but the hardwork doesn’t end there, you now have to get noticed and maintain your looks and skills – this is where your determination to succeed is essential!

Managing Booking Agent at Models Direct, Molly Robsinson says; “The most successful models are the ones who are determined to succeed and have the right attitude to work, accepting smaller jobs to gain experience, staying in regular contact with the agency and making sure their portfolio is up to date, all of these factors are essential to getting to the top! When i’m working with clients on a daily basis, my team and I know what models would be suitable, who we can rely on and of course who has recently been in contact to say hi and has sent some new pics over!”

Models Direct Head Office receive new applications daily from aspiring models and talent all over the UK and further afield, however the team know what they are looking for and more to the point what our clients are looking for. The ‘New Face’ team at Models Direct make sure ALL potential new models go through a telephone or face to face interview, it’s an essential part of the qualifying process. The agents here are looking for confidence, experience, determination and of course your skills and abilities – your application photograph is of course important to capture our attention, but we need more!

The need for a wider variety in body shapes is growing all the time, body diversity in the media is a huge subject and the team at Models Direct have seen the demand for curve models grow rapidly. With 45% of the UK female population being a size 16 or above, it’s more important now than ever before to portray ‘real’ women in the media. Designers may still choose to showcase their latest collection on a slimmer build, but is this relateable to the average women?

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