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“After all, it’s the world at large they’re aiming at, people like you!”

Recently there’s been some interesting articles in the media about modelling, what it takes to be a model and the expectations of models today in what is an incredibly competitive, driven and controversial industry….. with 28yrs experience Models Direct are now having their say!

There are lots of differences between fashion modelling and commercial modelling, however there are many similarities too. Trends and fashions come and go and this is the same for the type of models clients and designers are looking to book too. Clients will be looking for models who have the appropriate look, shape or character to portray their product/service in the most productive and effective way and appeal to their consumer. A model is someone the consumer aspires to be, so therefore great consideration is taken by a client when booking models for their latest campaign.

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Do You Want To Be A Model?…….I Do!

Most girls have thought about what their wedding dress would be like, whether you want the big white wedding or something simpler, the most important factor is……the dress!!

The wedding industry is huge! There are so many suppliers all over the world who are all fighting to get their product or service recognised and noticed. Whether it be wedding venues, cars, caterers or jewelers, they all need a model bridal couple to promote their brand and stand out above the rest.

Models Direct have provided lots of models to pose as couples for bridal shoots, we have even had a couple of our own Models Direct weddings!! When a client contacts the team at Models Direct looking for a suitable couple to promote their brand, they may have specific requirements in mind, the couple need to look genuine and work as a couple. Factors to consider may be ethnicity, age, gender and location – Models Direct like to offer diversity and options when they propose a selection of models to a client, so it’s then down to the client to match make!

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Modelling Lingo

In any industry you’ll find technical terms and jargon. The world of modelling agencies is no different. As a successful model it’s good to have grasp on the lingo so that when you arrive at a modelling job you’ll impress the client.

We’ve had fun in the Models Direct office testing each other on these.

How many do you know?

ADVERTISING – you see it everywhere, packaging, national press, magazines, billboards, point of sale, displays, hoardings, posters, it’s a growing industry.

AGENT – Models Direct.

ASSIGNMENT – paid work, it could be fashion, promotion, film, TV, photographic etc.

BEAUTY WORK – cosmetic, hair, makeup, etc.

BOARD – National Selection Panel at Models Direct.

BOOK – another word for a portfolio, showing pictures of you working as a model.

BOOKER – your Model Coordinator, who handles everything to do with your modelling with us.

BOOKING – a client has booked you!

BOOKING OUT – whenever a model is on holiday or unavailable.

BUY-OUT – when a client pays extra to use a photograph in certain media and/or in particular territories.

CALL BACK – a second casting, also know as a recall

CAMPAIGN – a programme of effort on behalf of a client by an advertising agency using models.

CASTING – where clients audition models before selecting who they want

CATALOGUE – mail order to fashion stores, large catalogues employ models for every edition. Men, Women and Children.

CATWALK – the walkway, usually raised, on which models show the latest fashions.

CIRCULATION CHART – a printed version of the picture we send electronically to client.

CLIENT – the photographer, advertising agent or film producer who agrees with Models Direct a model and our fee.

COMMERCIALS – advertising work to appear on television or the big screen.

COMMERCIAL OR PROMOTIONAL WORK – advertising, catalogue or other work selling a product. Commercial style work is usually photographed in a less creative way than editorial style photography.

CONTACT SHEETS – a photographic sheet of small prints that are easier to choose from than negatives.

COURSES –  teaching catwalk, posing, photographic technique, confidence, makeup and hair.

DAY RATE – the fee we charge for a full days work.

EDITORIAL – refers to the covers, fashion and beauty pages of magazines and newspapers. Highly prestigious yet poorly paid, once a model has appeared in a cover of say Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle, Cosmopolitan or Company, it can lead to major advertising campaigns.

FAMILY MODELLING – a modelling job where a real family is required.

FITTINGS AND SIZINGS – Clothing manufacturers need models to check the size and fit before production. Fashion work, especially with children sometimes requires a fitting before the assignment to save time and any problems with sizes.

GO-SEES – informal appointment for a model to show their portfolio.

HEAD SHOT – a close up photograph of a models face or head and shoulders.

IMAGE – a photograph. Our quarterly modelling magazine

INFORMAL MODELLING – Usually done in a showroom or exhibition also called ‘couture style’.

LOCATION – an assignment that takes place anywhere outside a studio.

MODELS DIRECT – National Modelling Agency for Men, Women and Children.

MODEL RELEASE – a form that has to be signed by the model after a photographic assignment, sometimes called a voucher.

MOTHER AGENT – the agency a model first joins.

OPTION – provisional booking placing a model on standby.

PARTS MODELLING – work for hands, legs, feet and other body parts.

PHOTO SESSION – a photographic shoot.

POINT OF SALE – photographs that are used on display in a shop, such as posters and showcards, to help promote the clothes or product.

PORTFOLIO – a models collection of photographs showing the widest variety of looks.

PRINTS – individual photographs.

PROMOTIONS – helping to promote or sell a product, it could be at an exhibition, a high street, or a big sporting event such as the Grand Prix, nationally or internationally, normally handing out items such as leaflets, balloons, champagne or using personality to socialise etc.

RUNWAY – modern catwalk.

SCOUT – finding talent on behalf of an agency.

SHOOT – a photographic session.

SHOWROOM – fashion companies and designers present their collections using house models and clothes are custom made.

SHOWROOM SEASON – the buying season which can be anything from two to eight weeks and takes place twice a year.

SHOWS – the international designers twice yearly Collections. Shopping malls, department and chain stores. Special events, conventions, fashion trade exhibitions and live magazine shows.

SNAPSHOTS – family photographs and informal pictures.

STATISTICS – a models body measurements, height, eye and hair colour, we send with pictures to clients.

TEARSHEET – a published page from a magazine or newspaper.

TESTS – an unpaid photoshoot. The purpose is for the model to get photographs for their book. Photographer, makeup artists, fashion and hair stylists also need to test.

TRANSPARENCY – a colour negative from a shoot where colour film was used.

TRIP – an assignment abroad.

VIDEO – models are often used to produce corporate, demonstration, promotional and in-house sales videos.

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