14 Modelling success tips

Everyone needs a little bit of guidance now and again. This even applies to the most experienced commercial models, when bad habits can sneak into normally well-drilled routines.

With this in mind, we’d like to offer a recap to all models in the form of our top tips for modelling success. Think of the list below as a quick refresher crash course that will help you before, during and after your modelling assignments.

OK, let’s get to it!

·       Keep your photos and portfolios up-to-date. Outdated headshots and redundant information might jeopardise your chances of work, so if your looks change, let us know!

·       Know the client. When we put your name forward to our clients, we hope they’ll give us and you the green light. If you choose to accept the job, it’s always beneficial to know the client. Research what they do, where they are based, and what might be expected of you. Knowledge is power, and it pays to be as powerful as you can be!

·       Be punctual. Know your schedule by heart, as no one appreciates lateness. True – it can happen to anybody through no fault of their own, but still. Showing up on time to assignments is the first step to being calm and confident throughout the day.

·       Check-in with us if in doubt. We’re always on-hand to assist in any way, and to answer any questions. Don’t be a stranger!

·       Bring the right clothes. The weather can change at a moment’s notice, so unless you’re positive your day will be rain and wind-free, pack at least one item of warm clothing.

·       Sleep well. Something so simple, but sometimes overlooked. Go to sleep at a sensible time the night before your assignment, and you’ll be springing out of bed in the morning like a model should be: confident and energised!

·       Check transport. Any form of transport isn’t flawless, so it’s best to check petrol levels, timetables and traffic reports.

·       Take essentials. Wallet? Check. Phone? Check. Spare cash? Check. Ready to go!

·       Charge up. Keep your phone charged, with contacts (client and us!) already saved. You know, just in case…

·       Water. Keep hydrated throughout the day, and don’t forget to eat (although you’ll probably know from us about food at your assignment).

·       Relax. Shoulders back, and focus on the positives (of which there’ll be plenty).

·       Pay attention. Be attentive, and respect the assignment. Make a note of who is organising the assignment, and the names of “key players”. They may come in handy in future jobs!

·       Enjoy. One of the most important tips, for sure. Though models should never lose sight of the fact that all assignments are work, you should also remember that modelling is one of the few jobs that are actually enjoyable! Meeting people, having new experiences, getting paid and being the envy of your family and friends…it all adds up to being enjoyable, so have fun and go with the flow.

·   Go crazy on social media. Not literally, of course, but share your modelling episodes with everyone you know. which we’re sure is a lot of people! We want your feedback! Remember to send in your experiences on set with us. It’s valuable to us and other models!