Could my pet appear in advertising?

Nothing melts our hearts more than a cute kitten or a playful puppy – it’s just a natural human reaction.

And that’s why pets are so popular in brand campaigns and advertising.

There is something about the presence of an animal that draws us in, makes us feel happy and reassured and creates an association that will stay with us for some time to come.

Think of the Andrex puppy, the Dulux old English sheepdog and the chimps that were used to promote PG Tips tea.

These products are not for animals, they have no relevance to animals – and dogs and chimpanzees are certainly animals we would normally think about at all when purchasing loo roll, paint or tea!

Yet they have been on our screens for years and years and therefore they must be good at their jobs – somehow their appearances on TV makes us buy those particular products.

Star Pet model Puddin in latest Mulberry campaign

Most humans love animals and, by and large, when they see them or are with them, they experience very positive emotions.

We know pets can help us cope with loneliness and depression and we increasingly hear how different animals can be trained as emotional support pets to help the vulnerable.

Research has shown that simply stroking a pet can reduce our stress levels and that interaction with our four-legged or feathered friends can increase our “feel good” oxytocin levels.

Well, all of this comes into play when we animals on our screens or on product packaging.

Many of the animals we see in campaigns are professional star pets – their owners have made careers from training them – but others are less experienced yet have been chosen because they look the part or fulfil other requirements.

So what should you do if you think your contented canine or fabulous feline might have what it takes to make it in the world of modelling?

What next if you have a beautiful bird, pretty pony or gorgeous guinea pig with something special to offer?

Well, firstly, give serious thought to how confident he or she is – think about whether they are happy around humans, like being touched and don’t mind different environments.

Do be reassured that we would never send one of our star pets along to any assignment that had not met all safety criteria and where an animal handler was not there on set too if required.

Sometimes there is also a vet present on set as well – this sometimes happens during more complex shoots or where there are several animals taking part.

And don’t forget that you will be there too – we need you to be part of the proceedings because your pet trusts and responds well to you.

Those carrying out the shoot will also be experienced at working with animals. They will ensure your pet has lots of breaks and is well fed and watered.

Animal welfare is taken very seriously by the industry and Models Direct understands it has a duty of care to pets as well as to people.

That is why our dedicated booking team thoroughly investigates each and every assignment.

If you are still interested, then read about some of the assignments we have sent animals along to – and what their owners have had to say about the experience.

Then contact us to find out more.

If you decide to sign your pet up to Models Direct, then we will give you a personal contact who can explain more about the kind of work we undertake.

And they will also, of course, fill you in on all the details of a particular assignment if your pet seems suitable for it.

Pets are very precious to all of us.

That is why we respond so well to them in advertising and why we at Models Direct enjoy working with them so much and always ensure they receive the utmost care and attention.