4 Great Tips Against Sweat Stains: Sweat Busters for Models

We’ve all been there and know what it’s like when those devilish sweat stains make an appearance – not to mention the smell! We know it’s gross but that’s just how our bodies work. What’s more, they usually come at a time when we’d rather wish sweat never even existed in the first place. Sweat’s meant to help keep us cool when under pressure but it seems like those yellow patches can cause more trouble for some than what it’s worth!

So, why do we sweat?

We sweat because of an elevated change in our body temperature; an emotional state we’re feeling or outside temperature. Apart from normal daily activities and exercise that could cause us to break out in a sweat, feelings such as anxiety and stress, and foods such as spicy foods and caffeinated drinks can also induce perspiration. This not-so-fun fact is known as gustatory sweating – when sweating is a response to the food you eat. Menopause and illnesses can also be a factor too.

Whatever your reasons could be for sweating, it’s natural…

So, is it your first modelling shoot that’s worrying you? Your first online interview that’s playing on your mind? Since we’re all staying indoors now due to unprecedented times, we’ve got a few life hacks up our sleeve that could help your sweat stains look less visible and feel less wet! Check out Models Direct’s ideas to help keep your armpits under control!

  1. Talcum powder

You’d have thought talcum powder is only used for babies. As mums and dads know, it’s an essential baby item to always have handy when out and about, and on photo shoots and filming for those who are baby models. 

Hey, it’s even your alternative dry shampoo when you have a greasy day and a modelling assignment to turn up for in the next couple of hours. Talcum powder is great for keeping those sweaty armpits (and any other areas) dry. Apply a small amount and feel the sweat dry up.

  1. Sanitary towels (we’re not kidding!)

Who would’ve thought that sanitary towels have another purpose other than what they were originally intended for! Yes, you’ve guessed it then! They’re great for combatting those pesky sweat stains like you wouldn’t believe. Well, what are you waiting for then?! Whip some out and get them sticking really well to your garment so they’re in contact with your armpits. You’ll be sweat stain-free with these absorbing heroes before you know it.

  1. Opt for black clothes

If you want a guarantee – like no other you’ve come across before – then go for black. If you’ve got an assignment or interview, wear a black t-shirt, blouse or sweater as no stains will come through. You can always bring an extra garment you could change into afterwards to avoid the staining and smelling.

  1. Material composition really matters!

If you want to beat perspiration to the curb or better still, into outer space, pay attention to what you’re wearing. It really does make a world of difference when wearing something natural like cotton. Your skin will feel like it can breathe better so sweat stains (when under pressure) might reduce. Your skin will thank you for it!

Calling all our models out there! Do you know any more tips against sweat stains? Share them with us on our social media platforms; we’d love to hear from you!