Communication is ‘key’ with Models Direct

It’s now easier than ever to share information, pictures and updates with one another, it’s the perfect way to stay informed and get a better understanding of how such a busy and competitive industry like modelling works!

The aim for the marketing team at Models Direct is to share our success stories with you, enabling you to hear our models experiences from assignments recently completed, all the behind the scenes pics and videos of our models in action on set, team pics and fun from Models Direct Head Office and of course featured new faces who have recently been signed by Models Direct – there’s so much to share with you!

Communication is key and we urge all our talent and models to keep us regularly updated with your achievements and of course new pictures – this is essential!

A member of the Models Direct team is always available to chat with you on all our social channels, you can tweet us @models_direct, DM us on Instagram, message us on Facebook – or of course pick up the phone, we still love that option best!!

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