Dealing with disappointment

What a depressing title!

Well, it’s not all doom and gloom. In this blog we’ll give our models some valuable tips on how to overcome what life can throw at us – and that sometimes means bad news and setbacks.

We like to think that the commercial modelling industry is in good hands, and that it’s a positive, compelling and enjoyable sector to use all your creative talents. That’s not based on spurious assumptions…oh no!…the sentiment is founded on professional knowledge, experience and feedback from real people. It is a great industry to work in, but it’s no different from other work ventures in that obstacles can arise at the most inconvenient of times, resulting in personal disappointment. The trick is how you manage negative emotions, and how you bounce back to winning ways!

Five typical examples of disappointment in our industry can include the following:
• Cancellation of job assignments.
• Not being considered for jobs.
• Travel schedules not running smoothly.
• Underachieving on jobs.
• Underwhelming feedback on social media.

Validation is a good start when coping with setbacks. That means accepting the disappointment in the first instance. Managing expectations can often be linked to being more realistic. Setting improbable goals is a sure-fire way to feeling disappointed and frustrated, with feelings of failure at the top of the list. By adjusting expectations to make them more attainable, goals can be readily reached. The old proverb “you can’t win them all” is especially true – just think, if we accomplished everything we set out to do, we wouldn’t be human. Even the most technical machines are not 100% efficient! So, be realistic and keep telling yourself that no one is perfect! Being disappointed is natural and happens to everyone!

Disappointment is not permanent. Our brains are complex organs, and we all deal with our emotions in slightly different ways. Some people are surprised if a disappointment lasts just a couple of hours, and are pleased to find themselves concentrating on other things in no time at all. Others tend to dwell on negative thoughts. Once you’ve accepted the negative feeling, the key to coping with it is to channel your thoughts into something else, which can give you feelings of pride or happiness. Dwelling on a disappointing chapter of your life is unhelpful at best, and genuinely harmful at worse.

Speak to friends and family, and don’t keep dejection bottled up. Friends won’t judge you, and they themselves may be in the same boat. Simply talking with someone can boost positivity, so use friends and family as personal counsellors – they’ll be grateful to help you through dark times!

Let’s take the five examples listed above and see how a model might deal with each outcomes positively.

1. Cancellation of job assignments. This scenario cannot be rectified by a model, and is out of their hands. Don’t take it personally, and look forward to your next assignment!

2. Not being considered for modelling jobs. Being put forward for jobs is a minor success in its own right, and it’s our clients who have the final say. Stay positive and acknowledge you had the right looks and talent to be put forward in the first place. We have hundreds of top clients, so it stands to reason not every model will “get the nod” – even if their looks and qualities are perfect.

3. Travel schedules not running smoothly. This is a fact of life! Models should keep in touch with us and / or the client to keep us up to date with any delays. It’s frustrating when travel arrangements are disrupted, but go with the flow and be your fantastic best when you eventually arrive at your modelling destination.

4. Underachieving on jobs. This is a difficult one. Everyone likes to try their best, and it’s often hard to accept a personal failure, no matter how small. The advice is to be honest and accept that you probably weren’t on your “A game”. Bounce back and strive to be better next time – which we’re sure you’ll do with spectacular results!

5. Underwhelming feedback on social media. Social media can be fickle, can’t it? Some people like to provoke others for the sake of it, so the simple advice here is to ignore them. If you were expecting more positive feedback in the form of “likes”, we all lead busy lives, so maybe some people just haven’t gotten around to acknowledging your posts. Get excited about your next modelling post, and be proud when the “likes” start flooding in!

Be open, be realistic, accept that disappointment is natural, and don’t be afraid to communicate with others. And remember – any concerns you might have with Models Direct assignments may be rectified by a simple phone call!