DIY Exercise

Models love to keep fit, as exercising is just as good mentally as it is physically.

Many will have joined gyms in the New Year ahead of the warmer months when they can show-off new looks, different styles and toned physiques.

We’ve always advocated exercise as a natural tonic for wellbeing. Sweating off excess carbs and releasing endorphins is one of the best ways to stay mentally alert and happy. We’ll forgive anyone for letting their exercise routine slide a little over Christmas, but there’s no excuse to get back on track. You don’t need to be a sports model to know the benefits of regular exercise – it’s simple biology.

And that’s the key message: regular exercise doesn’t need to be too strenuous. Fifteen to thirty minutes, five days-a-week, is the optimum exercise ratio to keep the heart-rate up and the joints loose. Even better news: you don’t have to leave the comforts of your home to achieve top fitness.  

So to really feel good about yourself, dig out your favourite shorts & T-shirt combo or faithful tracksuit, keep the water on standby and read our nifty exercise guide to keeping fit at home. 

1. Before you begin any exercise, think about your goals. Do you simply want to shed a few pounds? Or do you want to bulk up your muscle? Different exercises target different areas of the body, so don’t start your fitness routine without an objective. Shedding body fat will involve more cardiovascular workouts, whereas increasing muscle will require weights.

Both need a tweak in eating habits. Cutting down on processed foods and sugary treats aids is a good start for any fitness objective. If you want to gain bulk, increase iron-rich foodstuffs and those with high protein content. If the key phrase for DIY fitness is “consistent regularity”, the crucial word for fitness diets is “varied”. You don’t need to completely shun favourite treats – just monitor them and limit to a few times a month.     

2.  Jogging on the spot for 5-10 mins. So simple, yet so good. Great to keep the heart rate up and the blood flow pumping. Jogging also loosens the limbs in preparation for your next exercises.

3. Sit-ups. Start with 10-20 in the first week, then slowly increase to 20-30, then peak at 100. Sit-ups don’t need to be boring – try doing them listening to adrenaline-pumping music or in front of the TV.  

4. Press-ups. Great for the pectoral muscles, and for strengthening the lower back and shoulders. Keep the hands flat in line with the shoulders, and don’t be tempted to collapse on the floor. If it gets too hard, stop, and try again, gradually building up your upper body strength.

5. Planks. Terrific when combined with sit-ups. Lie stomach-down on the floor and raise your toes at the same time as your elbows so that your back is horizontal as the floor. Breathe hard, and feel your abs tighten. Try to hold this flat pose for 30 seconds, then go for longer in the weeks ahead.

6. Dumbbells (smaller hand weights) / barbells (for heavier weights). It’s important to start off with lighter weights, and then gradually increase the weight after a couple of weeks. Tearing muscles is common for people who start off too early with heavy weights. Little and often is the way forward.

If you follow these steps with regular walking and/or swimming, it’ll be more effective than any fitness manual. Trust us!

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