Family modelling – parents, is it time to try to spend some more time together?

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s very easy lose precious family time.

Everyone rushes about so much these days – parents are busy with work, cooking, cleaning and maintaining the home.

Children are so busy with school, homework, socialising with friends and enjoying after-school activities.

All of these things are essential to our lives, but wouldn’t it be nice to just pause, draw breath and enjoy some family time together?

Family time can, of course, take all sorts of different shapes.

It can mean establishing one or two evenings a week when everyone makes the effort to sit down to a meal together and to chat about what they have been doing.

It can take the form of days out at weekends, visits to friends and relatives and, of course, holidays.

But sometimes even these things just cannot be fitted in when life seems to get in the way.

At Models Direct, we have many families on our books and one of the things they love about working with us is that they get to spend time together.

These families come in all sorts of wonderful varieties – yes, some of them are mum, dad and a couple of kids but others might include two mums, two dads or step-parents.

We have families who are mult-generational and families where even pets take part in the photo shoots!

When we are asked by a client for potential families, we offer them a selection to meet requirements.

The client then makes a choice and as soon as that particular family accepts the job, they put the date in the diary and all of them are committed to taking part in the assignment together.

They love the fact they have earmarked a whole day to spend together.

They enjoy having the chance to do something new and fun as a group.

And they also relish the chance to earn a little extra income for a family treat or two.

In fact, to find out more about what our families love about modelling time together, why not read some of their reviews?

This what the Golding family has to say about it – and they should know, after all, they have now accepted several bookings from Models Direct!

“Working as a modelling family is a mixture of excitement and apprehension.

“As any mum knows if you are going anywhere with your children you want them to be on their best behaviour  – and it is no different on a photoshoot!

“So when you are asking three of your children to stand up straight, smile, look happy continuously while taking direction from the photograph as well it can be challenging!

“Luckily, we work with Models Direct and have always been so well looked after, from lunches being put on for the children, to overnight accommodation, and letting them have 15 minutes’ time out so they can chill and go on their iPads etc.

“We have now had seven assignments, over £6,000 in modelling fees and I can’t believe how lucky we are!

“My son says it’s all down to his fantastic good looks!