How ‘everyday’ people get paid modelling jobs with Models Direct

The website has undergone a ‘facelift’ and we are super pleased with it!

Models Direct and Talent Management have been representing models and talent in the entertainment industry for almost three decades nationally and internationally. We have evolved over time, and our in-house design team work hard to ensure we’re always at the top of our game, keeping up with industry trends.

The Models Direct website has always been loaded with useful information for aspiring models and talent, industry news and also pictures of our friendly team, we are not just a website after all.

After lots of long days, late nights and green tea, our design team have finished the new site and we’re excited to announce our mobile friendly new website is live. It’s easier than ever to learn more about the exciting and competitive modelling industry. We love the model feedback videos we receive from models who’ve had paid bookings, the videos are a great way for others to get an insight into how getting a modelling job really works and hear from real people about their experiences and expectations of working with with a modelling agency. We post these videos on our social media platforms too. The new site features loads of these review videos – visit our Reviews page  to see these super fun clips from men, women and children working with us.

Models Direct are a team of 17 people – not just a website! With so many online photo agents and showcase agencies around now, it’s very confusing as to what is real and what they can legally do for you. We’re a super friendly team, working very hard to promote you to clients and secure you paid work, our new site now explains this in more detail   – have a read of our About Us page.

We’ve added a page dedicated to helping you – full of information, tips and support for aspiring models.  In such a competitive and unpredictable industry it’s essential to be armed with lots of information, this manages expectations and allows you to have a clear understanding of how the process works and what could happen – See our help pages if you’re thinking of applying to be a model with Models Direct; Modelling help and advice.

If you have a specific talent, or think you have a great look and are interested in being considered to join the Talent Management books, then we now have a super fast ‘Tell us about yourself’ process – we have a very experienced team here always looking for new faces and talent to join our team; apply to us.

We hope you find the information useful and the site easy to navigate, we are always happy to hear your views and comments too. Happy viewing!