For Soft Summer Style – Try a Mini Dress

With the arrival of summer comes an influx of cool seasonal clothing…this year the mini dress is set to be all the rage!

Light, comfortable and easy to wear, 2020’s plethora of styles work well on all different body shapes and sizes.

Those of you who are used to following fashion trends will have seen them on models in both casual and dressier styles, working well with an array of different accessories…which ones will you choose for your Summer wardrobe??

Styles, looks and colours…

Mini dresses in soft summer shades, floral or animal prints and even lace are all the rage – and tend not to be too heavy on the pocket either.

You can go for full, puff or off-the-shoulder shoulder options, as well as strappier dresses or even long-sleeve designs that also remain super cool in summer thanks to their light-weight fabrics.

Button down the front, tie options and cool warm weather designs with loose fitting skirts are all out there to be enjoyed and look out for designs ranging from vintage tea dress and short sundress numbers to skater, smock and t-shirt styles.

Curvy, plus size and petite models will all find mini dresses that have been carefully shaped to make the most of their figures.

If the length of a mini dress worries you, why not try wearing one with shorts or cycling shorts underneath? You could always opt for a subtle skin-tone shade to keep them discreet. Some styles can look good when worn over leggings or tights too: try a plain dress over bright tights for a touch of drama.

When looking at mini dresses, make sure you pick the right length – you want it to be short enough to make a statement but not so short that it makes you feel awkward.

Summer mini dresses tend to work better when they are not too fitted – if they are too tight, they can start to rise and roll up your legs. If you do opt for a fitted mini dress, however, seamless underwear or shapewear can be a good idea.

You can dress some styles up with a pair of high heels for a special occasion, but they often work better with flat shoes: sandals, trainers and boots can really offer an edge to your look.

Most of all, ensure you choose a mini dress that makes you feel bright and summery – and that gives you the comfort and confidence you deserve for going out and about in the warm weather.