The Lowdown on Models: Street To Catwalk

Have you heard about the four-part series that is available on BBC Three – Models: Street To Catwalk?

No? Well, you’re probably likely to have been enjoying the great weather we have been having, however now the weather has taken a turn it might be a good time to take a look.

This unique situation we are in has given us all a chance to watch, listen and educate ourselves with new information and catch up on our never ending to-do lists…You could take time to check out the programmes on Models Direct’s recommended list and gain inside access into the modelling world from real people’s perspectives.

Access all areas

In our previous blog “Want to Know What to Watch in Self-Isolation?” we took you through some snippets of the brand-new factual documentary. However, there are another three more in the series documenting 3 young models who are breaking into the industry.

These young and potential faces of tomorrow are just what Nemesis Models – one of the UK’s biggest modelling agencies – have been looking for. Nemesis Models have been on the hunt for the edgy, diverse ‘Manchester’ look which they know is the winning look to gain exposure. These youngsters are a representation of relatable models; a factor which is fuelling the industry. We see in the series that each hopeful has come from unconventional backgrounds but have been scouted due to their individuality and of course, gorgeous looks. No doubt, they are raw, fresh and real. 

Getting the look

Clients are calling for these types of models because they know that consumers want to see a specific look – gorgeous faces rocking that edgy, diverse Manchester vibe. All the models who are a part of the series reveal some nitty-gritty aspects of modelling – their personal journey. It’s an eye-opener to those who are currently looking to enter the glamorous world of fashion or those who are currently in it. 

Reach for the stars

It doesn’t always come easy especially when you’re aiming for stardom. Sometimes there’s an uphill battle full of interesting twists and unexpected turns – part and parcel of life. You have to strive your way through it all to reach your personal goals.

Reach for the stars and register with our modelling agency, Models Direct, if you feel burning enthusiasm towards this exciting industry. We encourage all looks so don’t feel like you’ll be limited to the Manchester look. We love all cities and look for everyone to come on board as we aim to have real people, regardless of age, size and ethnicity, represent our agency. 

The round-up

When it comes to Models: Street To Catwalk, we really don’t want to give too much away and spoil it. We’re certain you’ll enjoy the series snuggling up in your comfy stay at home apparel. So, turn over to BBC Three and view it via BBC iPlayer when you get the chance.

Let us know your thoughts and share them across our social media pages; we can’t wait to hear from you! 

PS. Models Direct wants to reach out to all of our readers to let you know that we are thinking about you: wishing you, your family and loved ones good health and thinking of ways to keep you company. 

Stay connected and keep safe!