How is Models Direct Different to Fashion Modelling Agencies?

Commercial vs Fashion Agencies – it’s game on!

Okay, that might have sounded a touch dramatic, but there’s always something new to learn about Models Direct – we’re game for extending our best in class services for our talent. 

We’re a talent agency that not only focuses on real people pursuing a career in modelling but also encapsulates all the other forms of talent that people hold ready to be unlocked and ‘wow’ the world with. This means actors, singers, dancers, musicians and entertainers. 

Our agency is unlike your usual fashion modelling hub. Yes, we love fashion and everything it has to offer, but we also want to network with people in the entertainment industry, helping them climb the ladder in their field of expertise – this is how we differ from your usual fashion modelling agency and many other commercial agencies. We have a multifaceted set of capabilities and continue to diversify our services to meet the demands of the population. 

As a commercial agency, Models Direct have greeted many people who have walked through our doors over the past 30 years. We’ve seen it all, from cute little babies being selected for commercials through to melodious singers being booked for live events. We wanted to reach out and let our readers know that whatever your skillset is in the entertainment industry – whether you want a role in acting, a chance to perform as a musician or singer, be on the centre stage as a dancer or entertainer, we’re right behind you. 

We have so many opportunities come to our table and to be honest, we get just as excited about them as our models do! 

Our vision encompasses our talent and empowering their skills by connecting them with leading clients. Our commercial agency aims to:

– Represent real, everyday people with a plethora of skill sets across the modelling and entertainment industry. 

– Support their journey by actively building a part-time paid career with real prospects and opportunities.

– Giving them confidence in an expert company that is a government-regulated employment agency. 

– Allowing our talent to apply for positions through our continuously updated social media. 

– An experienced in-house booking team overseeing and organising every part of your assignment, ensuring model safety and negotiating the best model rates for you.

-No chasing the client for payment after the shoot – client fees are held with us so you are guaranteed payment within 5 working days after the assignment.

And there you have it! This is how we do it as a top UK talent agency. Head over to our social media pages to get the latest scoop on what’s been happening behind the scenes. And if you’re game, apply to us and see what awaits – a possible, new, unique part-time career!