Model ratings for dog breeds

Here at Models Direct we’re always looking for cute dogs for professional jobs. Well, they don’t all have to be cute – with so much variety across the canine world, different breeds have different attributes that attract all sorts of clients. In this blog, we’ll look at popular dog breeds to determine which assignments might be suitable for your dog. 

The key thought-process when it comes to dogs and modelling is to consider the specific job. When applying, mention precise qualities that would be valuable to the client. This shows you’re taking your dog’s potential seriously, and that you’ve researched the modelling industry. It all adds up and could make the difference!  

Labrador – a national favourite, and a breed which denotes loyalty. Labradors cover a broad spectrum, with a lot of companies opting for their photogenic qualities and familiar appearance.

Great Dane – another instantly-identifiable breed, the obvious trait of Great Danes is their size, which is useful for clients portraying size comparisons in their products. A possible drawback, however, is transport restrictions.

Bulldog – if a company wants to depict reliability, your bulldog could well be heading for the spotlight. Think home-grown products and quintessential “Britishness”. Photos of your bulldog draped in a Union Jack are a nice touch.

Cockapoo – a breed sometimes referred to as a “designer dog”, cockapoos are lovable and friendly. Being extremely camera-friendly, cockapoos have a cheeky quality will appeals to clients in the toddlers / baby industries. If you have a cockapoo, don’t forget to mention that your dog loves children, and always looks happy when sticking out its tongue.

Border Collie – companies that want Border Collies could be those which want to portray hard work and endurance. The breed is great for advertising loyalty – they are the very definition of “man’s best friend”. Collies are also ideal for promoting rural products like countryside fashion. Some individuals tend to be hyperactive, though, so training to sit still could be essential.

Jack Russell – inquisitive and alert, Jack Russell’s are balls of energy that would fit nicely in health and fitness advertising campaigns. These working terriers would complement any sports promotions, and are easily trained. One of the best breeds for modelling, for sure.

Beagle – renowned for their adorability as well as their unruffled temperament, Beagles represent calmness and composure under pressure. They’re not the easiest to train, but with a little persistence, your Beagle could be just the dog clients are looking for.

Whippet – lithe, athletic and elegant, Whippets are just right to represent speed and grace. They are also quiet, and have a great temperament, although some individuals are easily scared so might require practice sessions in front of a crowd or camera.

Bichon Frise – playful, compact and endearing, Bichon Frises are highly fashionable and would fit health and beauty campaigns, as well as high-end female clothing adverts.

Pets are flourishing in the modelling industry, and Models Direct would be thrilled to hear from dog owners who think their pooches have that “special something” to succeed in advertising campaigns. We’re one of the country’s top agencies for dogs, and are open to all breeds. Don’t forget to highlight why your dog would do well, and state which companies would benefit from your dog’s qualities. Got for it, and good luck!