Model Students For The Day

Freshers week at uni is likely to be a time most of us try to wipe from our memories or maybe you had the time of your life and would love the opportunity to be a student again! Last week Models Direct offered these model students the opportunity of a day of high end living…

This time of year sees many young people start an exciting new chapter in their lives, making the big move leaving home to a new city, new friends, new way of life. Models Direct were pleased to recently work with Prime Student Living an online company offering affordable, high end accommodation for students across the UK.

Shoot day was long, that’s the nature of the business sometimes, but I can’t imagine many students are treated to roof top views, high quality accommodation and fireworks at the end of a long day plus the opportunity to make some new friends along the way….
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Check out how Catherine, Curtis and Rishabh got on:

“Had a fun shoot for Prime Student Living today at Coventry – thanks for the arrangement by Models Direct! Would appreciate more if the whole day shoot could offer higher pay though. Yet overally speaking it was fun and I got to meet other models and new friends at shoot too.” Catherine

“Great shoot for prime student living yesterday, nice environment, well looked after and a good group of models.”Curtis

Lovely staff to talk to at Models Direct and responses are always very quick and positive, would definitely recommend.” – Rishabh

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