Once upon a typical day in June 2020…

To say recent months have been odd for us all is an understatementthoughts and actions of an ordinary man in lockdown


Eyes open. Light coming into the bedroom. Too early. Want to doze, but no good sinking into that habit…doze anyway.


Sun shining. It’s like paradise out there, but how long will it last? It’s the UK, so not long. Time to get up.


Hot shower (2 minutes), followed by a cold one (20 seconds).  


Trump’s on the news. Really? He’s not usually one for the spotlight. Hang on…yes he is. Is that a toupee? Why does he always wear his tie down to his knees? Never mind politics; Trump should sort himself out. So many questions. 


Today’s going to be proactive – must have slow-release morning meal. Why don’t you just call it “breakfast” like everyone else? Brain not working at full capacity just yet. 


Today will be proactive, but which day is it? It’s not the weekend, is it? Tuesday, Wednesday? Lockdown causing disruption. How long will it last, and when are the pubs going to reopen? July 4th, according to the government. Feel better. 


Look at Models Direct website for a great blog published this year about breakfasts. That’ll do. Decide to have porridge with banana (sliced for easy consumption – there you go, brain starting to click into gear).  


Good breakfast call – feel revitalised already. Make a strong coffee just to make sure. 


Time to dress as if exposing oneself to the public (no, not in that way). Decide on positive clothes: tracksuit bottoms and bright-coloured sports T-shirt to represent upbeat mood. 


Clothing choice works. Work from home – most people in the same boat. Solid two hours at the laptop, working and checking emails. Friends contact me to ask when lockdown will end. I’m not the Oracle of Delphi! Tell them to keep listening to the news and believing most of it. 


Decide to go for a run, as it’s been the best weather for ages. Don’t overdo it – just a 15 minute gentle jog to keep the body and spirit in check. 


Need another shower, but decline. Work and watch the news again. Trump’s hair is a true enigma. It’s like a golden cockatoo on a hovercraft. It’s just so…out there, about six inches from his head.


Lunch consists of more healthy goodness: last night’s reheated pasta. Need to burn that off this evening. 


Alexa: “When does the Oracle of Delphi predict the UK lockdown will end?” No answer – I don’t have Alexa. 


Settle down for 100 sit-ups, feeling pasta heavy in my stomach. 


Read last two chapters of The Rum Diary by Hunter S. Thompson. Reminds me, could do with a drink, but too early. 

3.01 – 5.57 pm

Watch quiz shows on TV. No contestants win. Mind you, one was asked to name a character from The Jungle Book. She wasn’t shocked that Kipling never created a character called “Big Black Mummy Panther.” At least she made a stab at it…


More sit-ups. Haven’t done so much exercise since being forced to at school. Lockdown will either make folk ultra-fit, overweight, alcoholic, or possibly two of the three.


Work, feeling good, alive. 


Another shower. Keep my original clothes on, but change socks and boxer shorts. Have to have some standards…


Make dinner – or “tea” as Northerners call it. Chicken bake with garlic, peppers, chilli and broccoli.


Rate the meal a flattering 7/10. Make note to have tea earlier in the future. 


Watch TV, wondering if Boris will announce that all’s well in the world and that is was all one big hoax. Doubtful, but keep positive. Things will improve. We’re through the worst of it, aren’t we? 


Retire to bed, pondering that last thought. Tomorrow is – by definition – another day. 

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