Modelling families – now is the time to practise taking great group photos

Holiday time is here and as a family you have a few lovely long weeks ahead of you where you get to enjoy some real quality time together.

Whether you go on holiday, grab a few days off work or simply savour the time stepping out of the daily grind of having to get the youngsters off to school every morning, this is precious time to be treasured.

If you are one of our families who already models for us, then you will know that the summer hols can be a great time to take some new photos of everyone all together.

You will also already know just how much we love to see pictures of you having fun together – posed photos or action shots, we want to see you interacting together and enjoying yourselves.

If you are part of a family that has been considering taking up modelling together, then you will also need to get some great pictures of everyone all together.

The summer holidays offer lots of great opportunities for doing this.

Not only are you likely to have a few days of great weather for getting out and about (fingers crossed!) but you may find yourselves in some fabulous locations.

We love to see pictures of everyone in summery green parks, having fun on the beach together or perhaps enjoying a picnic in the sun.

Taking group shots can be tricky, however, so whoever is taking the snaps for you is likely to need to put in some practice – and expect to have to take lots of photographs to edit down.

Firstly, it is important to make sure the photographer isn’t aiming the camera into the sun.

We need everyone in the group to be clearly visible and shooting towards the sun can leave people in shadow.

We also need everyone in the picture to look good – so no closed eyes, faces looking the wrong way or heads down!

And little ones shouldn’t be pulling funny faces – everyone needs to look relaxed!

A tall order? Well, as mums and dads ourselves we know just how hard it can be to achieve a great family shot!

So take your time, have lots of practice and take lots and lots of pictures to choose from.

Then, when you have a few you are pleased with, either upload them on to your existing portfolio or send them in to us with your application.

Modelling together as a family can be extremely rewarding – just see what some of those who work with us already say – and then get snapping!