Making Your Pet EP Summer Friendly

Yay! The summer is back in full force and it’s that ritual reminder our Models Direct team loves to extend to owners of our pet modelling super squad – to get your furry friend’s ePortfolio ready for summer fun!
Summer is a per-fect time to spend quality time with your cutie and enjoy pet animal photography in the summer sun. It’s fun and rewarding, and a great way to capture the beauty and personality of your cuddly companion for clients to see when they’re looking for a pet model. If you’re looking for some photography inspo, you’ve come to the right page. Keep scrolling to find out more regardless of what species your animal is.

Your pet’s unique traits

Is there anything particular that sticks out about your pet? Maybe your feline loves rolling on its back often? Or maybe your canine can pull cute expressions? Whatever their quirks are, try your best to capture those moments (we know it’s challenging with pets) but do try! The result will be so worth it for their modelling portfolio.

Revv up your shutter speed

Pets can move super fast so to keep up with their swift movements, use a fast shutter speed to freeze all the action. The shutter speed is equipped to avoid blurry or out-of-focus snapshots so try it out. You might not realise just how many shots you’ve taken that beat the speed, and froze some amazing must-have portfolio pics that’ll make your pet model’s modelling CV look wonderful.

Meet their eye level

Instead of hanging around at the top with an almost bird’s eye view perspective, meet your pet model at their eye level to capture the world through their vision to create more appealing images of your lovable sidekick. You’ll get some super cute snaps in like this, we promise!

It’s treats and toys time

Sparingly use treats and toys to capture your adorable pet’s attention. They will encourage them to bring out another side of them – a playful, inquisitive side, but remember to be patient and calm. Grab that camera ready to snap up some sweet playful pet pics that will have everyone ahing with delight.

Teach your pet a new skill

It’s not just humans who benefit from learning new skills, our animal counterparts do too. The summer weather encourages us to do more than we might in the winter period so take some time out to teach your precious pet a new skill or trick. Whether it’s obedience or agility training, or perhaps learning a new game, these activities can provide mental stimulation for your pet which you can snap and upload to their ePortfolio.

Be patient and calm

Enjoy the process of creating a charming collection of new images for your darling pet model this season. It can be challenging so be patient and stay calm, but most of all, have lots of fun! Let us know how you get on! We’re looking forward to seeing your pet’s new modelling images with some help from this blog. Good luck, guys!