All kinds of pets

Wouldn’t it be great if we could talk to animals?

If we could practice magic and turn ourselves into Doctor Dolittle for a day, we’d have even more rave reviews! Do we actually need more, though? Just look at our Pet reviews and judge for yourselves. It’s hardly surprising hundreds of pet owners have responded in the affirmative, because we have the most modelling requests for pets from the largest client base in the UK. Yet it’s always encouraging to receive any form of feedback. It’s just a shame animals can’t speak for themselves!

We’re fervent fans of pets in our daily lives, and when clients approach us asking for the best animals to star in their advertising campaigns, our very own Starpets really come alive with their unique furry features. Pet modelling is big business – it always has been, even in the 1930s when plenty of talented animals were “recruited” to appear in films. Nowadays, animals are even more prevalent on screen. But don’t think that it’s the booming film industry that needs pets to fulfil roles. No – it’s the “Triple As” (Animal Advertising Assignments) that we’re most interested in – as you should be.

You’d be barking if you assumed we only book dogs and cats for pet modelling. Sure, there are plenty of “Triple As” that demand canines and felines, mainly because pooches and moggies are the biggest market for producers. We’re a nation of proud pet lovers, and these two animal types are the most common in households. Pet food, pet welfare, “clothing”, medicine, treats, kennels…these are all marketable, and sometimes only dogs or cats will make advertising campaigns effective. But we certainly don’t deal exclusively in them, so what other pets could make it in the pet modelling world? You could have a pet with hidden talents all along! If only they could talk, eh!

Rabbits are a familiar pet, loving cared for by children and adults alike. Our modelling bunny Puddin was chosen by Mulberry to add a bit of cuteness to their range of leather bags – and what a result! Puddin excelled with all his fluffy charm, and we’re sure to book more rabbits in the future for more luxury brands and cosmetic companies.

Guinea pigs and hamsters are ideal models because of their easily-managed size and temperament. We occasionally get approached for these species, so why not register yours with us and be in the mix for us to recommended them to the decision-makers: our clients.

The Internet is awash with “Top 10 Most Popular UK Pets” lists, and you’ll probably be familiar with all of them. When it comes to pet modelling, it helps to know that species not usually recognised for their camera or screen presence can be requested by clients – depending on the angle they want to take. Whichever animal they think is the most valuable for their marketing needs is the best species – these could reptiles (e.g. lizards, snakes or tortoises), parrots or cockatoos, ferrets, rats and mice, or horses.
All models (and owners of models!) should be open-minded, so please don’t expect our clients to ask us only for dogs and cats. Your pet could soon be the star of the show. The best way to help them reach their modelling potential? By Applying with us of course. It’s been a successful method for over 33 years, so your pet has everything to gain…as well as owners in the form of a nice modelling fee!