School Prom – Get Ready to Glam it Up

After months and months of hard work for GCSE preps, you finally have something to look forward to – school prom! Get ready to glow and be glamorous with ever-lasting memories.
For the past year, you buried your head in your books, scoured the internet for mock paper answers, sought help on YouTube and attended booster classes. Late nights, textbooks sprawled out across the bedroom floor, early morning wake-ups for school, it seemed like it’d never end, right? But it has and here you are with the school prom on its way.

Models Direct would like to join you on the biggest end-of-school-year event there is to celebrate. If you’re practising your dance moves, arranging transportation and of course, sorting your prom apparel and make-up out, we’ll let you in on how you can capture the big event to make it forever memorable and to top up your modelling portfolio with prom-esque snaps.

The end of your school career

School prom draws your secondary school career to a close. The formal dance party gives you a chance to dress up, socialise and dance with your friends (hopefully not for the final time though!). Whether your school chooses another venue or holds it on your secondary’s premises, there are a few things you can do to get prom-ready (and camera-ready too!) Let’s take a look here:

Get your wardrobe sorted (and a seamstress on standby)

Start taking a look at what tickles your fancy – formal, trendy, quirky, it’s all down to your style and choice. Just make sure you’ll be comfortable in what you’re planning to wear and try it on to see if any adjustments need to be made – it can take time to find someone who has the expertise to do it. If you snap up your prom apparel in good time, you might even find yourself a bargain (bonus!) Remember to retry your outfit a couple of weeks before the exciting day to see how it fits just in case further alterations need to be made.

Think hair and makeup

Will you do your hair and makeup, get a friend to help or book someone to do it professionally? It’s your choice but if you’re thinking of the latter, have a look at who you’d like and their availability before they get quickly booked up for prom night. If you’d like to DIY, make sure you practise beforehand and have everything you need. You wouldn’t want to make a panicky trip for a last-minute highlighter or bronzer on the day and sweat everything off! (We speak from experience!)

Lights, camera… pose

It’s okay to stand in front of your mirror to practise posing – ain’t nothing wrong with that! Work out what expressions and angles work for you so that when a camera points at you, you’ll instinctively and confidently know what to do.

Snap away

Go over and beyond with the camera roll because this unique experience will not happen the same way again. This is your shot to make your prom night as amazing as you can by channelling positive energy into the day.

Be prepared, know the order of how your day should go for it to go smoothly, and stay calm. Make sure your phone is powered up and ready to roll. Don’t worry too much about getting perfect shots – just focus on having a great time with your friends and making some great memories at your school prom. And you never know, you could be crowned prom king or queen!