The Power of Instagram Reels

It’s no surprise how technology has facilitated digital information around us to become on-demand, speedier to access and expand our capabilities of communication. It’s quite wonderful to see all the latest and newest innovations and cutting-edge gadgets that are making this happen, right this very moment.

Looking at social media as one of the advances we’ve seen over the years is quite extraordinary. It has come in leaps and bounds, and all at our very fingertips. There are so many platforms readily available now to connect on and stay social with, and Models Direct are keeping it fresh and organic by adapting to the social media revolution.

Our social media platforms

Our modelling agency has recently joined TikTok (woohoo) this year to appeal to our growing audience, expand our reach and keep everyone in the loop with what’s happening at headquarters, throughout the country, and even the world when it comes down to modelling assignments.

Instagram is one of our go-to platforms we regularly update for the benefit of our audience. It sits side by side with all our content injecting domains and we love, love, love it! The power of capturing, sharing and editing images, videos and messages is what’s so great about this content-sharing app and with their reel feature as another addition to the functionalities available, how could anyone resist not using it? 

We use it, we’re motivated to continue to use and we intend for it to inspire and spark positive emotions when we think about the modelling industry.

Over to you

We’re now handing the reigns over to our models. We’d like you, our talent, to tag us in @modelsdirect with your Insta reels when you are on an assignment. You can add this to your ePortfolio to demonstrate your modelling (and tech) skills set, versatility and depth. We can then share this on our other channels too – TikTok and YouTube – to open more doors of engagement and exposure with you. Creating a short, fun 15 or 30-second video whilst you’re on set for a photoshoot or filming by yourself, with your family, friends or pet, can help give other budding models a good insight into your world of being a model with our agency. Viewers will get a real feel of what it’s like and place themselves in your shoes, seeing it through your eyes when seeing your content. What’s more, you can add your twist to your reel with AR filters, stickers, and audio. You can even record your vid next to another user, encouraging and inspiring a route towards user engagement. Sounds awesome, right? We agree! Imagine connecting with fellow models, influencers and clients by just pushing your feeds into theirs or at least getting visually entertaining content out there on the centre stage. That’s just the beginning; who knows what the ending will be?

You can then go on to share them to your Instagram Stories where they have a 24-hour timer and once they timeout, they disappear. Magic! So, if you’re able to spare a few moments before, during a break or after the work has been wrapped up, maybe get a creative reel in and tag us. We cannot wait to see it! Happy reeling with Insta, model heroes!