Like a rejuvenated hedgehog emerging from hibernation, we all love spring. Take that, winter!

There are so many positives in knowing that many people’s favourite season is just around the corner. Yes, some like winter with its promise of festive frivolity and two weeks’ off work. Some enjoy frolicking with the kids making snow angels, or blowing dust off their toboggans for a dose of gentle sledging. But we’re in the UK – not Canada – so the reality can often be grey mornings, drizzle, and howling wind. Let’s be honest – spring is by far a more favourable season than winter, and with good reason.

Spring has its origins in rebirth and rejuvenation, a new energy that many take with them into summer. Optimism is high, and for some, the horrors of recognising their New Year’s resolutions have amounted to nothing hit like a sledgehammer. It’s understandable that the start of every year should bring about new vows, but sometimes the dreary early months prove too bleak to turn personal pledges into committed successes. We’ve stated before that January is a good time to make promises, but spring is also a great time to begin accomplishing what you want. And with all the new hope spring offers, it’s often easier to stick to your goals.   

Is it too early to look ahead to spring? Absolutely not! It’s almost March, so there are only a handful of days before this glorious season will be with us. In no time at all, lambs will be skipping happily in farmer’s fields, and daffodils will be peaking out in all their splendid magnificence. If you can’t get excited about spring, you better check your pulse.

And we haven’t even touched on modelling work yet! With plenty of brands eager to appeal to the great British public in time for when the weather changes for the best, spring is one of the busiest times in the calendar for modelling assignments. If you haven’t thought about updating your portfolios – or even just taking new photos to reflect your fresh looks – spring should give you the impetus to get your modelling affairs in order.

Our clients are all too aware that business should be back on track this spring – or at least on the rise again. Think of spring as your opportunity to show us – and them – what you can bring to the party!

Modelling work has hardly waned for the past taxing months, but we do expect this spring to breathe even more life into our industry. New hope? You better believe it! 

Whether you are looking to start a new journey as a model, or to top-up some of your previous assignments with even more work, we’d love to hear from you. Our booking team have been relishing their role in placing some of the best talent with our clients, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t share some of our success.

Just like the aforementioned hedgehog, wipe the sleep from your eyes and charge into spring with all the optimism spring is famous for. 2024 could be a year to remember for many, many reasons!