Why join an agency?

Opportunities can arise around every corner. Some are purely chance; others are created from years of hard graft. We’ve all experienced fate in one way or another, and we all know the euphoric feeling of accomplishment through commitment and toil. However an opportunity arises, the key question is: are you going to take it?

Anyone who has reaped the rewards of commercial modelling will know that success isn’t guaranteed. This isn’t to say that models can’t secure jobs pretty quickly, or even work multiple assignments in a just a few days; it’s happened before and it’ll happen again.

We’ve always stressed that there are no certainties in modelling (other than models enjoying working with us and our clients!) There are plenty of opportunities for all sorts of models, so the above question of “are you going to take the opportunity?” remains true.

But how do models make the best use of their opportunities? More so, what’s the best way for models to have the opportunity in the first place?

That’s an easy one to answer: by applying to register with an agency.

Joining an agency means several things, and they’re all positive. Here’s the lowdown on all the plus points that models take advantage of when they register with us:

1. Help and advice. We’re always searching for new ways to get the best out of our models, so we offer information and advice in many areas, from behind-the-scenes industry insights to travelling arrangements. When models sign up with Models Direct, they become a family of models with different looks, interests and talents, so some advice is more valuable to some than others. Plus – we’re not a faceless website – feel free to get in touch with us if you need any advice or help.

2. Dedicated team. How many agencies have industry professionals with models at the forefront of their priorities? Well, we do!

3. E-portfolios. We always encourage – nay, strongly advise! – all our models to have a current e-portfolio to reflect their looks. If our clients don’t know what models look like when we put them forward, it kind of defeats the object! Updating your e-portfolio is one of the most effective ways a model can utilise an agency to work in their favour.

4. Best clients. Ultimately, they are the decision-makers. And our client list is the best in the country – and still growing!

5. Feedback. We don’t expect our models to simply complete a job and disappear into the modelling ether for a few months. We actively gain feedback from clients and models, so we can tell the world how good the job went…and we have lots of great feedback.

6. Contacts. Models often gain valuable contacts whilst working with us. Do the floodgates miraculously open the more contacts you have? No, not all the time, but it helps! And without an agency, the chances of gaining contacts are greatly reduced.

7. Social media exposure. We have a presence on many social media channels, and we’re always keen to post success stories. Any exposure is useful, so let our team expose you for what you are: talented commercial models with something to shout about!
Why join an agency? It’ll give any model the best opportunity in the industry. Just make sure you grab it with two hands!