Working as a model – what is involved?

Working as a model can involve all kinds of wonderful things, from posing in winter ski-wear on top of a mountain to eating ice-cream on the beach in the summer sunshine!

The great beauty of modelling is that it is varied, exciting and usually very different from your normal day-to-day life.

Even when our models are sent along to be office employees, shoppers or families on their way to school or work, they usually still tell us they have great fun!

They enjoy doing something out of the ordinary, meeting new people and seeing the final results from the photo or film shoot.

The process of working with Models Direct is very straightforward.

If you want to find out more, you fill in the form, send us a photo and then we give you a call to explain how everything works.

We are always very clear that we can never guarantee work to any of our models – because although we present our clients with a selection of potential people to meet their requirements, they always make the final choice.

Serious handsome young man in sunglasses fixing rope on sail boat and consulting skilled sailor while preparing sailboat for tour

Our models all have an e-portfolio, which tells us more about them and contains their measurements and other essential details.

Most importantly, it should also display a selection of up-to-date photos, and all those who work with us are asked to refresh these every so often.

If one of our models is a potential candidate for a job, then we contact them to give them more details, discuss the fee and see if they are interested.

If they are ultimately chosen, then we keep them briefed on the arrangements for the day and what is required of them – and we are always there on the end of the phone to respond to any queries.

Our models are expected to do all they can to show up to an assignment.

If there is an emergency and for some reason they can’t make it, we ask them to let us know as soon as possible – otherwise, it lets us (and our clients) down.

On the day itself, the production crew will be there to meet you and to explain what to do.

There may be hair, costume and make-up people on site, as well as the photographer or camera person – and there may well be other models too.

After the assignment, we contact you to find out how it went and we ensure you are paid within just a few days of completing the booking.

It really is as easy as that!

Modelling experiences are as varied as the jobs themselves and so we always encourage models and would-be models to read more about how others have found it.

Here are a couple of reviews from models who have worked with us and were eager to describe their experiences:

Abi Mills said:

“Today I had my first ever shoot for Greene King brewery with Models Direct and I had the best time; we were very well looked after and the atmosphere was just amazing from start to finish.

“I met some other lovely models at the shoot which was also great.

“Gemma has been amazing with keeping me up to date with everything and phoned me after the shoot to see how it went!

“Normally I am a very nervous person but I felt at ease from the moment I went in. Thank you Models Direct :).”

Cathy Guthrie said:

“This was my first assignment with Models Direct and I have to say that the process could not have been easier or more enjoyable.

“Charlie was great providing details and support over the telephone and by email, answering queries and providing a line of communication between the booking company and me.

“The shoot itself was great fun to work on.

“Despite the very early start everyone was cheerful, professional and encouraging, and conversation flowed pretty freely throughout the day, around the shooting.

“Instructions and expectations were clear, and I was made to feel very comfortable throughout the day.

“All in all, a great experience from start to finish.”