A Day in the Life of a Model Agent

We’ve done a day in the life of a model and what a typical day looks like for a model on the go but what about a model agent? We turn the spotlight on our fantastic booking agents who do an incredible job at Models Direct!

We’re a team of powerhouse modelling enthusiasts here at Models Direct and combine our creative minds to make a real difference in the modelling industry – one that we have 30 years of solid experience in. Our model agents are fearless and determined because it’s no easy job being at the forefront and working under pressure. They drive our business forward and work hard in building new relationships and maintaining existing ones in the industry, sourcing the perfect talent for our clients.

Our booking agents are always ready for a busy day at work being rushed off their feet with answering calls and emails as soon as their working day starts. Their busy day runs off adrenaline, caffeine and plenty of positivity. 

Our model agents know that they need to get their talent noticed by production companies, casting directors and influential people so they need to stay alert and on top of every assignment that comes forward.  

A search begins as soon as the assignment has come through. Our agents have a no stone unturned outlook and ensure that they thoroughly check their hub of models to select the ones that fit the client’s criteria as closely as possible. 

Once they have done so, the agent will then contact the shortlisted models, check their availability and ultimately see whether it’s something they would be interested in being a part of. If they agree, our agent can then take the next step and present them to the client. The final decision lies in their hands where they pick their modelling talent.  

Finally, our agents love contacting the selected models as it’s always a nice part of the job. Models Direct enjoy hearing their excitement about the assignment as it’s all part of connecting the right models for the right jobs. It’s now down to our booker to brief our models and make sure they are fully prepared for the upcoming assignment. Our agent ensures that they stay in touch with our models from start to finish. We never leave our talent hanging and feeling unsure about any part of the process as we know how nerve-wracking it can be when you aren’t prepared.

With a couple of breaks in between their hectic schedule, a few cups of tea or coffee and maybe even a slice of cake if time permits, our agents are always on a roll and make sure they get the job done! And there you have it – that’s a day in the life of a model agent!

The takeaway: our agents’ launch modelling dreams big or small – it’s their forte. They are a huge asset to our hub and keep assignments flowing and in check. We dedicate this blog to them – thanks for your hard work, team!

To find out more about us and what work we provide our models with, browse our website or speak to one of our model agents today.