Add a splash of summer colour to your modelling photos

Are you ready to update your modelling e-portfolio?

Or perhaps you haven’t joined Models Direct yet and are thinking about taking a set of photographs over the coming weeks to send us for the first time?

Well, summer is a great time to arrange your photo shoot and to send us some hot shots of you looking your very best.

For those eager to spice up their photo shoot with a smattering of this season’s sizzling shades, here are a few suggestions:

*The gorgeous deep, berry-red shade of magenta is the Pantone colour of 2023 – and it could have been made for summer. Girls and ladies, think about bringing it in via your lipstick, nails or in more abundance via a light summer scarf perhaps. This is also a shade that confident chaps can carry off beautifully in a t-shirt if they dare!

*Olive green is back for this summer – and what a beautiful and subtle shade to evoke the fresh greens of the season. Female models, a light sundress, vest top or pair of flip-flops could work well in olive green. Male models, think about bringing this colour in via your shorts and teaming them up with a crisp white t-shirt.

*Blue has been with us for a while now and this season it is making its appearance via a delicious sky shade. And what could be more perfect for summer? Girls think about sky blue in a blouse or light summer jacket. The colour also works very well in a floral or otherwise patterned mini dress. Chaps, you could also carry off a sky blue jacket this summer season – or perhaps wear the shade in a cotton shirt under a white summer jacket.

*And why not team your beautiful summer blue up with a smattering of sunshine yellow? Yellow can really help finish off a summer look when brought in through a belt, hair accessories or sandals. It can also add sparkle as a clutch bag or t-shirt. Wear it with a touch of sky blue or plenty of crisp white. Guys or girls, yellow is one of those shades that looks great on anyone as soon as the sun comes out!