Embracing Freckles

Freckles are so lovely – many people have them! They’re a gorgeous characteristic that brings out a different dimension to you. They make you you unique and beautiful. In this blog, we’ll be admiring everything to do with freckles. We adore them, and as a top UK modelling agency, we want to see them in our modelling books. This cute, little blog will be all about freckles no doubt so enjoy!

What are freckles?

They’re smooth to the touch, with brown spots found on skin that’s regularly exposed to the sun. They get their colour from a pigmentation called melanin which is produced when you spend time in the sun. They can come and go so you might have noticed that you had more when you were younger. Freckles can fade away or turn up at your door at any time!

Ways you can embrace your natural beauty

Have a minimalistic makeup approach

You might feel inclined to cover those cute, little dots on your face and body but take it from us, please don’t. The caked look might cover them up in the short term, but it’s hard work. Let your skin breathe and keep makeup to a bare minimum so that your freckles are seen and heard. Instead, you can accentuate your eyes or lips to help them pop out and get even more noticed.

Sunscreen, please

Due to skin being damaged by the sun, it’s always a good idea to have an SPF 30 handy. You’ll need to reapply it every two hours, or more often if you’ve been sweating or dipping into a pool. It’s our absolute must-have skin hero for usage in all four seasons so don’t delay – use it, today, every day.

Simple skincare

When you overcomplicate things, that’s when things might become a bit challenging. In the case of freckles Vs skincare, keep it simple. There’s no need to go all out and be excessive. Our stance is, don’t do anything with your skin that doesn’t need doing. Be gentle: no tugging, no crazy exfoliating and no harsh chemicals (keep it as natural as possible!) You’ll find that your skin might be quite sensitive so treat it according to its type and care for it – after all, it’s the largest organ on your body!

Consider hair colour

If you can dye your hair (sometimes we assume that everyone can dye theirs when in fact they can’t due to allergies), consider a hue that can bring out your freckles (unless your natural colour can do so!). Warm tones such as reds and coppers can flatter your freckles and draw more attention to them.

Colours that compliment

Warm, earthy colours such as rust, burnt orange, olive green, teal and mustard can complement freckled skin. Have you got any of these in your wardrobe? If not, try a colour that you feel brings out the glow in your freckled skin.

Take photos in the light

If you’re building your portfolio and want clients to notice you, you can take images that accentuate your freckles by leaning beside a window with light shining through or outside under the bright sun. The natural light will help to bring out your freckles.

Let your freckles shimmer and shine

Embrace and celebrate who you are, including all your physical qualities, which can help you feel confident in yourself. Don’t feel like your freckles need to be hidden away with heavy foundation. They are a beautiful part of who you are.

If you’re a model, you can stand out with confidence and appreciation that this is you and you’re not afraid to practise self-love! You might inspire other models to come forward into the industry who have freckles too but are nervous about going ahead with their modelling application.