Getting into the Role – How to Prepare for a Model Booking

Embarking on anything new is as nerve-wracking as it is exciting! No two days are the same when you’re a model even if you’ve been booked for a few days with the same client. If you’ve been on a longer-scale project, you’ll know what Models Direct means!

Have you been booked for a modelling assignment? Maybe you’re wondering how to prep for it but unsure where to start. Whether it’s for yourself, your family modelling team, your little one, or your pet (yup, we cover animal modelling too!), our MD team will help you out!

So, where to begin?

Read your brief

Don’t leave your brief on the back burner. It’s essential that after our team has explained it to you you read it again thereafter as many times as you’d like to remind yourself (because it happens -we do forget) of what you’ll need for the day (or might not need because it’ll be provided – i.e. makeup and clothes). So, in a nutshell, with this point being a crucial one to do, please read your brief. If you’re a family modelling team, you’ll all have different roles to play for the assignment.

Talk to our team

Silence doesn’t always work and in the case of getting ready for a new modelling role, we encourage our models to talk to our team. We’re always here, and even if it’s out of office hours, we will always pick up our calls, emails and letters as soon as we’re back in. If anything is bothering you or you’d just like to talk it through, our specialist modelling savvy team will be happy to help as always. This is our niche and what we all love doing the most!

Talk to your team

If you’re part of a family modelling unit, our MD team isn’t the only one you’ll be speaking to! Talk to your squad so that everyone is on the same page about the assignment and everyone is ready for it! If anyone needs anything clarified, you can help each other or contact our team.

Get everything in one place

Depending on how you work with organising yourself, getting everything set in one bag or rucksack before the assignment day is a good idea. Every time you remember something you might need for the day, you can drop it into your bag, so you’re packing as you go along your daily routine.

Quick, get your skincare in place

Whether you’re a human or you have an animal counterpart, taking care of your skin is important. We know spots, acne, and scars are part of our skin’s lifecycle, we have all been there and sometimes are still there, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get booked, nor should that mean you shouldn’t have a skincare regime in place. Use products that are gentle for your skin and that will help soothe it in all seasons. As for your pet, condition theirs (if they let you) with products specially formulated to

Your hair or your pet’s fur

Conditioning your hair, reminding your family to do the same or maintaining your pet’s locks, is another great way to enter the booking prep phase. Even if you haven’t had the time to concentrate on yours as much as you’d wished, a hair mask and conditioning using products that suit your hair type can go a long way.

If not, you can head over to a salon that offers hair treatment packages. You can speak to a trained specialist stylist who can advise which option is best for your hair health especially if you’re after a quick fix! Models Direct have been looking around and have seen that many treatments aren’t too expensive either especially if you do it as a one-off!

As a modelling agency, we wouldn’t suggest getting to the hairdresser, barber or pet salon to have a complete change of cut, style and colour just to prepare for a new booking. Clients hire models based on their latest look as per their portfolio. If a model comes into a new assignment rocking a completely different cut and colour, depending on what the client is after, they may feel the new look might not work with their campaign.

We hope this blog helps you get into your role as a model. Good luck!