Male modelling this season

‘Tis the season to be jolly – jolly ambitious, that is!

At the time of writing, Christmas may well be over, although for some the memories of mince pies and tinsel serve them well to get through a long January.

Whichever way you cope with the winter, male models should never forget that the chilly months provide a varied set of profitable assignments (2022 will be our 32nd winter in the business, so we know this as much as anybody!)

Big brands are constantly on the search for the latest fashions and marketing campaigns to grow their business, and male models continue to help them achieve their goals.

Perhaps more so than female models, male models can enjoy a career / modelling balance without affecting their day-to-day routine too much. True – some male models can have several assignments in a short space of time but, on the whole, competition is a little more fierce amongst the ladies.

It goes without saying that a lot of marketable products are dependent on gender. Whilst genderless or unisex merchandise remain popular, there is plenty of apparel, grooming products and sports goods that are advertised solely to the gents. With this range of products comes a range of looks

The demand for male winter models is more extensive than companies looking for handsome men posing in woolly hats (not that plenty of our male models look wonderfully stylish in them!). Hot off the press…clothing trends in the early part of 2022 are reported to be:

·   Wellies (practical and stylish!)

·   Roll necks (fashionable and neck-huggingly warm)

Serious confident young bearded businessman in black polo neck sitting at table and looking at camera while working on project in open space office

·   Trench coats (for the most dapper gents amongst you)

·   Cords (fancy a bit of 60s / 70s nostalgia?)

We never ask for experience in the modelling industry, although several of our male models have enjoyed success in this field previously applying with us. If you think you fit the bill and yearn to be the envy of your friends, we ask our prospective models to be over 18 years old and enthusiastic. You may categorise yourself as a “general”, “fitness” or “plus size” model (or any of the other types described in the first link), so if you have a particular “look” we’re sure to pick up on this and do our best to propose you to our clients. Could you be ticking off a New Year’s resolution and find yourself the star of a notable commercial modelling assignment

Our third link emphasises some of our male model’s success stories and our history as the UK’s most prominent commercial modelling agency in the UK. Our available jobs are based all around the country (not all based in one or two locations or London, as some agencies merely offer), so there’s every reason why both aspiring and experienced males should apply with us today!

We’ve been working alongside influential clients since we first started in 1990, so being on our books gives all male models the very best chance of starring in the best modelling campaigns out there. Even if you only have hopes of making it as a commercial model in the winter, the experience will go a long way to whet your appetite for the long-awaited summer. 

A new season, a new you!