How does a ring light help my modelling photographs?

From hiding blemishes to illuminating attractive features, there are all sorts of reasons for using a ring light when taking your modelling photos.

At Models Direct, we encourage all those on our books to take new pictures and update the e-portfolios they hold with us regularly.

This is to ensure that we and our clients always see the most up-to-date images that reflect how our models look when we are selecting people for work.

These days, more and more of our female and male models are choosing to use a ring light when taking their own modelling shots at home.

A relatively inexpensive piece of kit, a ring light brings a touch of professional photography to any picture you take yourself or that you ask your friends or family to help you with.

Increasingly used by influencers, YouTubers and those who live stream or have a strong social media presence, a ring light throws a softer, more diffused light on to the subject.

A larger, stand-up version is more commonly used at home, but those shooting with a proper camera rather than a phone may also wish to consider smaller versions that fit around a lens.

You can also buy clip-on, selfie ring lights these days. Here’s a couple we like;

KNAMKY USB LED Desk Lamp (Colour options: black/pink/silver)

PEYOU 12″ Selfie Ring Light, 60″ Floor Tripod and Mini Tripod

Whichever option you go for, position the light in front of you, with the camera in the middle then have fun clicking away and experimenting…

So, what are the benefits of using a ring light for modelling shots?

1 Like a soft box, a ring light will help to remove shadows because it generates an even artificial light that complements natural light. Practice by taking lots of different photos in a variety of poses to see where you are able to eliminate shadows and provide a clearer image of your face.

2 A ring light will also reduce glare. Overall, its even light offers a much better balance which results in a more flattering look.

3 Ring lights can also be used to create an attractive sparkle in the eyes. You can have fun with this by experimenting with different make-up around the eyes too, to see what really works for you.

4 In portrait photography, a ring light will emphasise its subject without being too harsh. You will stand out from your background, but in an appealing and attractive manner.

5 Other forms of lighting can leave you looking washed out. A ring light balances skin tones well and can help you capture just the right colours in your shot.

6 A ring light will really accentuate the detail in your face. This will draw the eye of the viewer and help create an overall image that is both appealing and engaging.

For more information on taking your own modelling shots, read our top tips.