“Love is in the air, every time I look around”

So sang John Paul Young in the 70s, and it still holds true for many of us (although Young wouldn’t see much new love going on during 2020!)

In February, there’s more love in the air due to one of the most recognised dates in the calendar: St. Valentine’s Day (most people drop the “St.”). History buffs will know there was more than one person named Valentine, although it’s generally considered that they were Christian martyrs. It’d be futile to highlight why Valentine’s Day is associated with love, because there are a handful of legends and accounts. All you need to know that it’s a “holiday”, although in the UK it’s not an official public holiday.

Shame – we could all do with an extra one….

Like most recognised days, Valentine’s Day is superb for businesses. Along with Mother’s Day and Christmas Day, it’s the busiest day of the year for many restaurants. It’s a wonderful chance to invite a prospective girlfriend or beau to a candle-lit dinner, with wine flowing as freely as the conversation. Many long-term relationships have blossomed from a Valentine’s Day meal; indeed, it’s a great ice-breaker and an excuse to take the first step to asking someone out.

This year, Valentine’s Day is likely to be a little bit different. It’ll pose as many questions as any other celebration: Will we still be in lockdown? Will shops be open? Restaurants? Will there be enough red roses to go around? How will Interflora and other floral delivery companies cope? Will supermarkets need more shelves for chocolates? Will some people just not bother with it?

This last question is debatable. We’d like to think that the year 2020 is a legitimate reason to put hardships and struggles to one side, and to feel optimistic about the rest of 2021. Valentine’s Day could be the spark that some people need to believe that spring is the time for fresh hope.

Finding new love in 2020 was a non-starter for many, for obvious reasons. If nothing else, Valentine’s Day this year can be treated as a love letter to yourself – you’ve made it this far, and with a little more grit and perseverance, more light at the end of this particularly gloomy tunnel will surely be seen. We have to believe it, otherwise there is less to live for. 

2021 could be a record-breaking year for new relationships – once we’re allowed again to return to regularity. This year’s Valentine’s Day could see a noticeable increase in cards and other romantic gestures. Is there a better way to represent feelings after such a dreadful year than showing someone you care with gifts? It might even make their year, considering the amount of restrictions we’ve all have to endure.

What people do on Valentine’s Day is very much up to the individual. However, gifts don’t have to be lavish to get the point across. Even small romantic gestures are as effective as extravagant (and more costly) ones. As long as the recipient appreciates the thought, Valentine’s Day will have served its purpose. 

Here at Models Direct HQ, we’ve placed several of our models in Valentine’s campaigns over the years. This highlights that companies know the importance of the day for both customers and their business. Even if your finances have been affected during the past few months, sending a gift or romantic card to that “special one” in time for the 14th February could be a life-changing moment. At the very least, what could go wrong? And even if you’re on a strict budget, homemade gifts add that personal touch and will always be appreciated.

So now you don’t have any excuses not to show your love to a wife, husband, partner or soon-to-be lover. Spreading the love starts now!