New Year……..New You?? with Models Direct

2018 is here!!! Are you one for new year resolutions, diets, exercise regimes, new career….. what are your goals for the year ahead….?

A new year can be a super exciting time, but also can be quite daunting! Everyone around you is talking about what they hope the year ahead will hold for them, what they want to achieve and how they will better themselves, it’s a time when most people reevaluate their lives and themselves as people.

For a lot of people the new year is a opportunity to try something new and the Models Direct team get lots of interesting enquiries from clients around the UK with their marketing and campaign briefs for the year ahead. The Assignments team start scouting suitable talent for these roles and compiling shortlists for our clients to consider to make sure they have the right people for their exciting new campaigns, commercials and up and coming brands!

The New Face team is also super busy with people looking to get into the talent and modelling industry, often they are looking for a new challenge, want to get their look or talent out there and experience what it’s like to work in the commercial modelling and talent world! For more information about the people Models Direct represent visit

This time of year affects the Models Direct team too, the staff room fridge and cupboards are full of health foods, salads and juices, colleagues are turning up to the office fresh from the gym and possibly even biking into work too – how long will this last??

It’s great to reevaluate yourself and your life choices, but it’s also really important to remember you can do this at any time, any day! You can change things instantly and have the power to do that, the start of the new year is not the only opportunity to make life changes!!

2017 was a great year for Models Direct and we are so grateful to all our clients and talent who we are both proud to work with and represent – here’s to an exciting 2018!!

Just a few of the clients we supplied models too throughout 2017: To view the Models Direct full client list click here.


Stella McCartney



Ideal World TV

Sony Playstation






Channel 4