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How Do I Book Models?

Thinking of booking some Models??

Client feedback is as important as Model feedbackModels Direct’s Assignments team work around the clock (literally) to provide model options to clients, create new contacts, build relationships and coordinate assignments, any booking agent will know, it’s a full on role!!

To give you more of an insight into what our clients say about us have a read!

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Have You Thought About Family Modelling With Models Direct?

“We really do rate Models Direct, for us it was the best decision we made putting Myleigh forward and now as a family we are doing things together, having fun and getting paid!!” – The Pearce Family

The Assignments Department at Models Direct often get family modelling enquiries from clients looking to book a model family for their latest advertisement, campaign or commercial…..

More often than not it’s the job of the booking coordinator here at Models Direct to search our database and try and find adults and children that look similar or could act as a family and present them to the client for their approval. Obviously this job could be a lot easier if they were actual REAL families!!

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“All of the crew and Tony Robinson just loved him!”

“I’ve had lots of feed back from the filming and we can’t wait to get some more work, Hugo loves being in the limelight. Thanks to Models Direct for giving us this opportunity to show off the lovely Mastiff breed to what they’re all about, The Gentle Giant!” – Ronnie Miller (Hugo’s owner)

Hugo is such a beautifully natured dog and truly is the The Gentle Giant his owner Ronnie Miller explains him as – the Models Direct team were delighted Hugo was selected to star alongside Tony Robinson on the latest episode of Britain’s Ancient Tracks on Saturday night on Channel 4.

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Child models star in big feature film with Models Direct

Models Direct represent a variety of people with different talents! Aswell as models we are the agents for muscians, voice over artists, dancers, singers and actors – so the Models Direct Assignments team spend alot of time liaising and building relationships with production companies around the UK.

When signing your child up with  Models Direct it’s every parents dream to hear their child has been successfully selected to star in a large feature film that will hit our screens in 2018!  That’s just the call our Assignments Manager, Molly had to make to 8 parents of our selected child models!

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Models Direct’s Gavin gets to test beer

Sometimes when the team at Models Direct receive an assignment brief a member of the team will have the perfect person in mind!

This was the case last week when Marie from Models Direct was contacted by Charlie Wells Brewery who were looking for a specific person to promote their beer at an exclusive  tradeshow in Bedford – our male model Gavin sprung straight into Marie’s mind!

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Models Direct Starpets on Screen

The demand for animals in advertising is big and growing all the time! With only seconds to capture your audience’s attention, a witty comment or a cute animal works well!

We have all seen animals used in commercials for lots of different brands and high street stores. Buster the Boxer in the John Lewis Christmas commercial, McDonalds, Perina Dog Food, Whiskers…..the list goes on!

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Models Direct comment on CFDA’s annual Health Initiative letter

Each season, Models Direct awaits the letter from Steven Kolb and Diane Von Furstenberg, who hold the positions of CEO and President respectively, which reminds those in the modelling industry of the CFDA’s Health Initiative, and includes points regarding the importance of diversity and good health amongst models, with the key message being that ‘Health is beauty’.

In the letter, Kolb and Furstenberg point out that health within the modelling industry is of particular importance in the run up to Fashion Week. They applaud the efforts made by the world’s top modelling agencies, who have pledged as they did last year, to not use underage models for their fashion shows. According to Models Direct, the two fashion industry experts said that they were thrilled to share the names of many famous casting agents who are now publically aligned with the CFDA’s mission, and have promised to always ask for proof of age from new models. Both Kolb and Furstenberg made their own pledges to ask for ID from models as well.

Models Direct

The letter, Models Direct say, also detailed the expansion of the Model Ambassador program, in keeping with the organisation’s message of model health and education. This year, they intend to offer internships for a huge number of models, so that women who are finishing their modelling careers will be able to develop their skills off of the catwalks. Enclosed with the letter were the health initiative guidelines, which provide information regarding employment laws, as well as the symptoms of eating disorders, so that casting agents are better able to recognise the signs in their own models. Furstenberg and Kolb finished by stating that as New York Fashion Week holds interest on a global scale, and as such, designers, models and casting agents have the power to influence people around the world in a very positive manner.

Models Direct wholeheartedly support this initiative, and encourage the models that they hire to live healthily and retain a positive body image. They also endorse diversity within the modelling industry, and hire models of all ages, shapes, sizes and backgrounds.

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