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Power ups for gamer modelling and River Island finds David

Lucy goes all gamer in her Models Direct assignment

Good luck to our female model Lucy who is modelling in a games console commercial shoot this week!

We look forward to hearing how it all went Lucy. Did you reach level 10 or find the hidden power ups?


David’s ship comes in when he lands regular modelling work with River Island


Congratulations to Models Direct male model David who has successfully secured regular fittings work with River Island! He’s definitely ‘da man’!


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Models Direct’s Noah is the Boy With No Brain

How did the boy with no brain end up featuring in not only in a Channel 5 documentary but also modelling in a major supermarkets Christmas TV campaign? The answer is with determination, support and a little help from Models Direct modelling agency. Read the story of Models Direct’s Noah, a remarkable young boy, who continues to deify doctors.

Models Direct's Noah in his superman costume
Models Direct’s Noah
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Models Direct Modelling Review By Female Model Janina

Models Direct Modelling Review by Janina
Models Direct Modelling Review by Janina

Female Model Janina tells us what it is like working for Models Direct modelling:

“It was a really interesting and fun day. I was very well briefed beforehand by Talent Management with regards to clothing and location so I felt very confident with what I was expected to do on the day. The photographer made everyone feel at ease and was very professional – he had a lovely manner. We all had a great time doing the shoot. I would love to do it all again, and I highly recommend Talent Management as an agency.”

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Models Direct Pleased To See Successful Model Family The Phillips In Daily Mail

Models Direct Pleased For Model Family The Phillips Family In Daily Mail
Models Direct Pleased For Model Family The Phillips Family In Daily Mail

Models Direct were over the moon to see Britain’s most successful model family the Phillips in The Daily Mail, Mirror and Express this week.

The Welsh family of six – Jason (41) Michelle (30) Louis (15) Luca (5) Cobie (3) and 10-month-old Evie Philips – have had numerous starring roles in a variety of commercials and adverts. They have worked for Cheltenham & Gloucester Building Society, Audi, Cadbury, Mercedes, Zirtek Hayfever Tablets, Thomson, Disney and many other top brand companies over the years.

This model family the Phillips are so popular that they often model up to eight times a month together – earning up to £6,000 an assignment. Not only do they get paid well and have fun they even get to travel to exotic places such as Barbados, Majorca, the Maldives and Austria.

Mr Phillips started modelling at the age of 16 and later decided to get his family involved, ‘It’s the easiest job in the world, the money’s fantastic, I travel to some of the most beautiful places on earth with my family and I enjoy every part of it. I wouldn’t change it for the world. All my children enjoy doing it together. We’re like a Welsh version of the Waltons.’

So why are they the most sought-after modelling family? It’s all down to the chemistry… industry experts believe the chemistry of a real family is much more appealing and makes for better adverts than a group of strangers brought together for the day.

If you believe your family has the real model appeal you can apply via our Models Direct website where you will also find a range of information on acting, dancing, singing, entertaining and music, designed to help you when choosing a model agency.

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Models Direct Male Model Tom – From Mirror To Camera

Models Direct Male Model Tom
Models Direct Male Model Tom Heashot

Model: Tom

Model Ref: BC540461

Model Fee: £150.00

Models Direct’s male model Tom tells us about his first assignment and how different it was to actually pose in front of a camera rather than his bathroom mirror!

“Before the Models Direct shoot I was really looking forward to it. I did have a few nerves but I soon got over them after we got started.” Tom told us. “Even though the shoot itself only lasted about half an hour I thoroughly enjoyed myself and would love to do something similar again. I’d say the most enjoyable part of this assignment was being able to actually stand and pose in front of the cameras instead of the bathroom mirror. It felt a bit surreal, but pretty awesome.”

Tom was asked to bring in a range of outfits for the shoot and do various poses randing from standing still and looking ahead to doing ‘robot poses’! The shoot was also intended for 3D so there were cameras poised on Tom from all angles.

Models Direct Male Model Tom
Models Direct Male Model Tom

Tom told Models Direct “When the shoot finished the cameraman told me I had ‘the model look’, which obviously boosted my confidence a huge amount. I’d never really considered myself to be good enough to be model material, hence why I was so excited about this assignment, but that was definitely an encouraging note.”

“The experience was fantastic for me. I would definitely recommend it to someone if the chance arose. Even if it’s only a small assignment, it’s all experience and will undoubtedly give you a platform from which to build. If I were to advise someone in this industry, from my limited knowledge, I would point to the fact that joining Models Direct is a great way to get noticed. I myself have been guilty of being casual and sitting back when it came to updating my e-portfolio and pursuing work, so I would advise people not to follow suit. Having enjoyed my assignment so much, it has inspired me to be more on-the-ball in future. The reason for joining the agency was to test the water and see whether I would actually be good enough to be successful as a model. I’m very ambitious and would love to go as far as I can in this industry, working my way up from the smaller low-key assignments is a process that I think would offer me great experience.”

Models Direct Male Model Tom
Models Direct Male Model Tom
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Models Direct talk to the participants of the new Children in Need campaign

Jodie Kidd for at the BBC Children in Need BareFaced campaign
Jodie Kidd for at the BBC Children in Need BareFaced campaign

Not too long ago, Models Direct had asked their models if they would be willing to go without make-up for a modelling job. The response which they received was overwhelmingly positive, with almost everyone expressing their willingness to opt for make-up free faces during a photoshoot. However, being paid to go bare-faced on shoot is one thing – but would they be the same for an international charity campaign?
BBC Children in need has launched the first ever ‘Bear-Faced Day’ campaign, which involves encouraging women around the country to go bare-faced in order to raise money for children and young people living in disadvantaged circumstances. Models Direct were delighted when they head that a whole host of well known models, including Abbey Clancy, Tuuli Shipster, Jodie Kidd and Heide Klum had all agreed to support the campaign, by taking part in make-up free photo shoots, where they had their pictures snapped by world-famous photographer Rankin.
The models weren’t the only ones behind the campaign however; they were joined by a number of celebrities, including singer Lulu, journalist Sian Williams, presenters Julia Bradbury and Caroline Flack, and media personality Louise Redknapp. Models Direct found that Julia Bradbury thought the idea of going without make-up for a photoshoot ‘refreshing’, and that she hoped it would encourage other women to feel confident enough to go bare-faced and help to raise even more money for the charity.
Heidi Klum stated that she was proud to be participating in the campaign and that, having worked within the fashion industry for many years, she is a strong advocate for the empowerment of women, which is why the concept behind the campaign appealed to her so much. Caroline Flack was similarly positive, saying that she was honoured to be asked to participate; she admitted to Models Direct that she felt some apprehension initially at the thought of exposing her face sans make-up, although this soon dissipated as the photoshoot got underway. Flack finished by asking everyone to dig deep to support the great work which this charity does.

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